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Develop your UAS/Drone Program with Scan Pro Video

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UAS/Drones are becoming the go to for any business requiring data capture, whether it is pro-active maintenance of Company Assets, surveying new sites and monitoring productivity or detailed mapping and contouring with the latest lidar and magnetic sensors Scan Pro Video will help you begin that journey.


AI and Machine Learning

With the huge data sets a Drone Program can provide they can feed your AI or Machine Learning system to help you innovate and create new solutions to problems, whether its digital twins, Vegetation growth, or a multi-spectral NDVI index a UAS/Drone is a powerful Data Capture tool for your organisation.

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DaVinci Resolve Studio 17

Featuring a robust video editor, full post-production, audio software (Fairlight) and a deep suite of visual effects (Fusion), there's a reason we're in love with the DaVinci Resolve.

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