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DJI Professional Kit

DJI have forever permeated the world of the professional videoprapher and photographer.

Thier stabilisation technology continues to improve with each iteration and has started to branch outwards towards new territories, giving creators, directors and camera operators even more freedom to capture whatever they see fit.

With drones, DJI's technology has and will aid you in creating some of the most outstanding aerial footage you'll ever see.


The Ronin-S is a heavier one-handed gimbal that gives tonnes of freedom for cameras all the way up to 3.6kg. Perfect as a time-lapse assistant, reactionary content and peculiar angles that even previous models couldn’t achieve. Our favourite is spinning the gimbal around via the thumbstick on the handle and moving forward, creating a spiralling effect that’s sure to bring dream-like elements to sequences.

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A smaller companion to the Ronin-S and featuring a new ActiveTrack, the Ronin-SC is meant to be for those who want to go leightweight. Holding DSLRs and similar weight of cameras, this 3-axis single handed gimbal is perfect for those out on the go and content creators who want everything to have that professional feel, even if it’s just a vlog.

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Ronin 2

The Ronin 2 is the end-all-be-all for gimbal solutions in a professional environment. Built around being easy to set up and manoeuvre, no matter what your set up is. With its surrounding frame, you can grip and run or utilise it with your current stabilisation kit. Taking it off and utilising the gimbal itself is as easy as stripping it down and attaching to cranes for steady car shots, etc. With wireless compatibility over the app or other accessories, it’s ideal for anyone in filmmaking.

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Inspire 2

The Inspire 2, one of cinema and the professional’s favourite drone. With the Zenmuse X5S or X7 in tow, it shoots high end, 5.2 K video in Apple ProRes or 6K CinemaDNG (with a license – including in bundles). It has swappable onboard SSDs, multiple batteries and is ideal for giving your shoot that cutting edge.

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Zenmuse Cameras

Designed and built by DJI, these cameras are obscenely powerful and fit directly onto the Inspire 2. With multiple lens choices, they’re intended to bring out the best in everything you shoot.

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Witness the power of 3XS Evolve

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DaVinci Resolve Studio 15

Featuring a robust video editor, full post-production, audio software (Fairlight) and a deep suite of visual effects (Fusion), there's a reason we're in love with the DaVinci Resolve.

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