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Augmented Reality and dedicated art programs

Project Aero

Augmented reality is already an accessible reality that anyone can access and begin designing for. There’s no need for headsets and a regular smartphone usually has the capabilities to show off the experiences that can be made from it. AR is here, all it needs now is something to push it over the edge. Facebook, Snapchat and even in 2011, Nintendo on the 3DS, are and were creating augmented reality activities, whether it’s games or dog face filters to share with your friends, AR is a part of our everyday lives in some cases.

Now, Adobe are entering into the space with Project Aero, coming soon to the Creative Cloud. Combining the powers of Adobe Photoshop and Dimensions, Aero brings these 3D models into the view of your smart device for an interactive AR experience like never before. With the Adobe suite backing your projects, you can bring almost anything to life via augmented reality.

These files can then be imported via XCode (macOS only) or other coding kits for use within ARKit (Apple) or ARCore (Google) for use within your apps once you’ve perfected the experience within Project Aero.

Project Gemini

Drawing is already possible on Photoshop and converting those images to vectors in Illustrator is incredibly easy, but it’s not exactly what Photoshop is designed for originally. It’s only as updates have come out and support for imported brushes or other tools have expanded, that Photoshop has become a great tool for drawing. But Adobe have seen the potential for a dedicated art app, Gemini, coming first to iPad and then expanding to Windows 10 and Android at a later date.

This app differs from the current offerings of Photoshop, Illustrator and their mobile counterparts, Photoshop Sketch and Illustrator Draw, in that it’s built from the ground up using the ideas and tech from these apps into something far more powerful.

Project Gemini features a workflow familiar to veterans of the Adobe suite and those who use any other drawing apps (ProCreate, Autodesk Sketchbook), as well as being simple enough to grasp for beginners.

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