Video Editing Apps from Adobe

Premiere Pro and Rush, After Effects and more

Premiere Pro CC 2019

A favourite of everyone who has ever touched video editing above a casual level, Premiere Pro is a non-linear-editor that prides itself on connectivity with other applications within the Adobe suite, for simple integration of Photoshop and other files.

With a new updated design, the Premiere Pro experience now guides you from one end to other of video editing, but of course, is entirely customisable.

Collaborate Efficiently

Team Projects simplifies collaborative post-production workflows for Creative Cloud video apps. Cloud storage enables team members to share large files both inside and outside of the organization from one central place, and a read-only setting lets them control access to editing.

VR Video Editing

Premiere Pro CC supports editing VR video in both 360 space and VR180 spaces, which can then be uploaded to YouTube (both) and Facebook (360).

This end-to-end VR workflow means that everything from audio, adding effects or titles and grading. You’ll get professional level VR content, without having to leave the Adobe suite or in some cases, even Premiere Pro.

Creative Cloud Library

With Creative Cloud Libraries, you can import any assets you create within the Adobe Suite into Premiere for use instantly. This includes from the mobile apps, so if you get a great texture to use as a brush for Photoshop and then make some really cool that you want in the video, it’s only a matter of hopping between the programs and dropping it into your work.

Premiere Rush

Premiere Rush, however, brings a streamlined version of Premiere Pro to mobile, tablet and PC platforms, designed specifically for those who create content for social media and don’t require the elaborate tool library of Pro CC.

After Effects CC

Adobe’s After Effects is a graphical effects powerhouse. Bring everything from a firefight to animation to life on the screen via this piece of software. Green screens become illustrious galaxies, firefights are filled to the brim with explosions and comical scenes are exaggerated with on screen effects.

Audition CC

Audition CC gives you a full suite for audio recording, for a simple voice recording to using your full studio setup for everything from vocals, instruments and more.

Media Encoder CC and Prelude CC

Media Encoder CC is one of our favourites for large, batch exports of video projects. Import a Premiere Pro project into Media Encoder and after choosing your settings will sit, working its way through each project until complete. With Prelude CC, you can organise your video project by clips, metadata and tags to make it easier to sort through your work.

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