Design and Coding Apps from Adobe

Dreamweaver, Illustrator, XD and more


If you’re looking to create anything from web graphics, logos, icons, book illustrations, product packaging, billboards and so on, then Illustrator is the ideal software to make that possible. Illustrator is vector based so if you’re making logos and icons, creating typography or drawing freehand, it’s completely scalable. Illustrator is also available on iPad, so can now be used anywhere.


Animate is Adobe’s replacement for their legendary Flash Animation suite. With Animate, you can do just what it says on the tin, animate just about anything.

Games, adverts, apps and other multimedia content, whatever you can imagine, you can create. Using a frame-based system, you can get as granular as you like with your animations and with the power of Creative Cloud behind it, any assets you create can be instantly imported into the project with just a click and a drag.

Character Animate

With Character Animator you can easily bring yourself into the animation process for easy lip-syncing and puppeteering of the onscreen character with something as simple as your laptop webcam and a few keyboard shortcuts. Turn any art into an animated character or use built-in templates to create a character in seconds. Character Animate also so fast you can livestream your performance.


InDesign is one of the leading print layout design tools, it’s used worldwide for newspapers, magazines and more. You can place almost anything into the workspace and then limit the area it’ll appear for your ease of use with frames, so you don’t have to constantly manage spillage.

Acrobat DC

Acrobat DC is the fully fledged version of Adobe Acrobat. This program not only lets you read PDFs, but edit, export and create them too. There is also the option to convert them into Microsoft Office formats, giving you all the tools for collaboration and to keep your business moving.

Adobe XD

Need to test a project or create a layout for an app or website that you’ll then hand over to someone who has a little more coding experience? Maybe you need to convey your idea to someone in a pitch meeting and want something interactive to join you in front of the crowd? Adobe XD is a great way to prototype design ideas with an easy to use interface and made to share content that can be viewed on mobile or the computer you’re editing on.


For those who code, whether as a front end web developer or working within things that might fall a little outside that remit, Dreamweaver is Adobe’s way to get your ideas onto the world wide web and the perfect addition to those who want to build responsive websites for business, blogs or whatever you might be featuring online.


Fresco really lets you open up your creativity by turning your devices into a canvas. Made to work with the latest stylus and touch devices, including iPad and iPhone, Fresco combines the world’s largest collection of vector and raster brushes, to deliver a totally natural painting and drawing experience on your digital device.

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