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Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC

Adobe’s Photoshop and Lightroom are staples of the photography industry for a reason. Their extensive suite of tools, constant updates and clean interface enable you to enhance your photos with ease. With direct connectivity between the two, you can spruce up a photo in Lightroom and then send it off to Photoshop for the finishing touches.

Content Aware and Sensei

With Adobe Sensei now integrated into the Creative Cloud, features introduced a few years ago are now seeing improvements that you wouldn’t imagine. For example, the Creative Aware has seen a huge update in CC 2019.

Content Aware reads the area around the selection and replaces the selection with a rough match of the surrounding area. Trees, unwanted people and more no longer need hefty work to be removed and instead it’s just a few clicks. Now, Content Aware uses Sensei to create a more convincing replacement by picking up more data from the image, rather than the immediate and obvious choices.

HDR Images

Lightroom CC can now create HDR images by combining multiple variations of the same photo. Taking images of the same objects at variations of brightness, Lightrom will build a high contrast version that eventually builds into an HDR version of the original photos you took.

Of course, if you spot any issues with the finished product, you can then throw it into Photoshop and clean up everything that looks a little off to you.

Edit 360 Images

Photoshop now follows Adobe Premiere Pro in supporting 360 images, letting you touch up or edit panorama 360 for upload to third party viewers or social media at a higher quality than what’s usually available for editing on smartphones or apps.

Photoshop leaves the important metadata in the image, so that you don’t then have to start injecting metadata into the image after the fact.

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Dimensions CC

For those that work within a 3D space, Photoshop and Dimensions are the perfect combination. Take images from Photoshop and apply them to 3D models in Dimensions, creating realistic 3D renders.

Illustrator CC

Illustrator is ideal for artists who have created their piece within Photoshop or other programs and want to create a scalable vector image around it as the finishing touches, letting you blow it up to a ridiculous size without losing the quality like you would with the original file.

Project Gemini and Aero

Discover what the future holds for artists and those entering the augmented reality space.

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