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  • Last Updated: 25/03/2022 at 14:00
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25/03/2022 - We are currently working on the order queue on a first come first served basis. We are taking pre-orders on systems for which we have the parts available in stock and will be in contact with customers who place a pre-order directly to confirm an expected build and delivery date.

Windows 11

Windows 11 launches on 5th October 2021. If you already own a 3XS System that is compatible then you will receive the upgrade through the Windows update app. This will be rolling out over the coming weeks and months in waves. We recommend that you wait for this update to come through windows update rather than attempt to force it as the roll out waves are based on compatibility. Attempting to update before you are offered through Windows Update could result in compatibility issues.

If you have already ordered a PC and are awaiting delivery, or are about to order a PC then please see the FAQs below for information on how we are handling the changeover period.

Market factors

Global chip shortage - As you may be aware if you have read any articles about technology over the last 6 months there has been a global silicon shortage. This has affected every market from car manufacturers right through to the latest PC components. For the PC market specifically, this has meant that there has not been enough CPUs and GPUs available to satisfy the hugely increased demand. As of July 2021 we are now seeing more stock of CPUs coming into the market and expect that we will see a similar trend for GPUs over the coming months.

Market demand - Due to the global pandemic demand for PC hardware has seen a significant rise. This coupled with the silicon shortage has led to more orders than have ever been placed before over a short time period. This demand has continued to outstrip both the product supply chain and the build capacity that we have at Scan. To compensate we have increased our PC building capacity several times and taken on a significant number of new team mates. As of July 2021 we are now seeing the lead time reduce and are working hard to bring this down to our pre-Covid-19 levels.


How long will my PC take to be delivered?

This will vary based on the type of system, components of the system and our current build queue. The 3XS team personally contacts every customer who orders a system to give an estimated build and delivery date.

Why are wait times longer than normal?

Both a global silicon shortage and a significant increase in demand for PCs due to Covid-19 have contributed. To compensate we have invested heavily into infrastructure to increase our building capacity and we are seeing the wait times come down significantly.

How do I know where my order is up to?

You can track your order at any time by visiting our order tracking tool. Simply CLICK HERE and enter your Build and Invoice number. You will also receive email updates for each stage of your build and can access tracking from any of these emails.

Why buy a pre-built system from Scan?

We pride ourselves on being the best PC builder in the UK. Every system is hand built and tested thoroughly for 24 hours before it is QC’d and delivered out to the customer. During the build process we email out the progress with a seven-stage order update process so that you know exactly where your built is up to. We only use quality branded components and offer a premium warranty service of 2 years for ‘Scan’ and 3 years for ‘3XS’ systems with 7 days a week telephone and live chat support. We are also the only UK PC builder that has a Custom Shop featuring the latest technologies for personalisation including glass etching, 3D printing, automotive grade paintwork, CNC routing and milling. For more info see HERE

Information for Windows 11 launch 5th October 2021

If I order a new PC will I get Windows 10 or 11?

All PCs ordered after the Windows 11 launch date (05.10.21) will come with Windows 10 by default. For customers wanting to upgrade to Windows 11, we will be able to change this for you on request. If you are ordering a custom specification PC through our configurator then you will have the option to select either Windows 10 or 11.

Ive already ordered a PC before the Windows 11 launch. What are my options?

If you have already ordered a PC then this will have Windows 10 pre-selected. Windows 11 is offered as a free upgrade for all Windows 10 PCs so you will be able to upgrade when the update becomes available to you. This will be via the Windows Update app. If you would prefer to receive your PC with Windows 11 pre-installed we are able to do this for you. We will email ALL customers with this option on 5th October along with instructions on what to do.

I already own a 3XS PC. Should I upgrade to Windows 11

Windows 11 is a free upgrade for Windows 10 users. You will need to check that your system is compatible via the Windows 11 PC Health Check App to get a step-by-step guide to Windows 11 installation on PCs with ASUS motherboards.

Visit our 3XS FAQ to view all of our Frequently Asked Questions

If you need any further assistance, please visit our support page for more info on how to contact us via Live Chat, requesting a Call Back or submitting an Online Query.