Intel 12th Gen CPU Status

  • Last Updated: 08/02/2022 at 10:30
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12th Gen CPUs are available to purchase as normal

08/02/2022 - All 12th Gen CPUs are now available to purchase as normal when in stock. Current stock and pricing for INTEL 12th GEN CPUs & BUNDLES or for the latest 3XS PCs.

We have added the latest information below on bracket availability from the cooler brands. This FAQ page is now closed, but will remain available until 15th January for bracket information.


Why can I pre-order some Intel 12th Gen products but not others?

We are accepting pre-orders on Intel 12th Gen CPUs based on the amount of stock that we have coming in. Once we have reached a maximum limit we will turn off the pre-order button until we have confirmation of more stock arriving. Please note that due dates are estimated and cannot be guaranteed.

Can I pre-order a 3XS System / Bundle with a 12th Gen CPU?

Yes. We have a range of systems & bundles available for pre-order. You can find them here:

Why do you have 3XS systems / Bundles available to order but not individual components?

3XS Systems and Bundles use what is called ‘tray stock’. This means that the parts come in bulk trays without any packaging. These can only be use in pre-built products like PCs or bundles.

Do I need to purchase DDR5 memory for Intel 12th Gen CPUs?

No. Intel 12th Gen CPUs support both DDR4 and DDR5 memory. Please check the motherboard you have chosen to see which version is supported. Currently there are no Motherboards that can support both types of memory at the same time.

I have been unable to purchase DDR5 memory. When will stock be available?

We expect stock of DDR5 modules to be in constraint in the coming weeks. If we receive and conformation of stock in coming we will update the website with a pre-order button and due date. We recommend you watch our review video to see the performance difference between DDR4 and DDR5. You may be able to switch to a DDR4 motherboard and memory for your usage with no performance loss.

I have already pre-ordered a CPU or motherboard, but have not yet received confirmation of a delivery date. Why is this?

We are still awaiting some deliveries to arrive. If you have ordered a CPU and motherboard on the same order then they will only ship out when both items have arrived. We will be in touch via email with estimated dates as soon as possible.

If I choose to pre-order do I pay now or when my product is shipped?

We take payment at the point of the transaction for all pre-orders. This allows us to build a first come first served queue and to ship your product as soon as it arrives without running into delays. Pre-orders can be cancelled at any time up to the point that we have shipped out and a full refund processed. If you cancel your pre-order then you will lose you position in the queue and it cannot be re-instated later.

Cooler Brackets

If you already have an AIO cooler and are looking to upgrade to Intel 12th Gen, please be aware that the new LGA1700 socket is not directly compatible as the mounting holes are slightly different. Many brands are offering a new bracket to allow you to use existing cooler models with Intel 12Th Gen. Please see below for the process to follow for your specific brand. Scan do not currently stock brackets for intel 12th Gen, these can only be requested directly from the brand.


Current new Antec coolers do not have a compatible bracket in the box. Customers can email Antec directly at [email protected] to request one and pay for shipping only.


Current Artic coolers do not have a compatible bracket in the box. Customers can contact Artic through the webshop HERE There will be a service fee of €5.99 for the bracket, unless you have a receipt of a purchase of a 12th Gen CPU when it will be free of charge.

Customers can contact the Arctic SUPPORT TEAM


Current new BeQuiet coolers do not have a compatible bracket in the box. You can contact BeQuiet directly to claim a free bracket here - [email protected] You will need to provide valid proof of purchase of the cooler and a Motherboard or CPU. A website form is coming soon.


Only Corsair Elite LCD model coolers have LGA1700 brackets in the box. All other coolers will require an additional bracket which can be requested HERE

Fractal Design

The Lumen, Celsius, and Celsius+ will be compatible with the LGA 1700 socket but will not current have them in the box at purchase. Claim your free bracket HERE


In line with Noctua’s policy of supplying customers with its premium-class SecuFirm2 mountings free of charge, owners of eligible Noctua heatsink models can order a free bracket by clicking on the bracket required. Proof of purchase (electronic version, photo or scan of the invoice) of both, an eligible Noctua CPU cooler and either a LGA1700 motherboard or LGA1700 CPU are required. Depending on the country, express shipping options may be available but are subject to service charges.

Click on the links below for your cooler:
NM-i17xx-MP78 CH.BK
NM-i17xx-MP83 CH.BK


Link as follows for customers to claim free bracket - HERE

There are 2 brackets available, depending on size as follows, with all NZXT products compatible
NZXT LGA 1700 Bracket for RL-KR120-B1
NZXT LGA 1700 Bracket for Kraken 240mm / 280mm / 360mm


Current new Thermaltake coolers do not have a compatible bracket in the box. You can contact Thermaltake directly to claim a free bracket [email protected]

Customers can also visit the website technical support section -