Gaming PC Cases

Stylish cases for the ultimate gaming PC

It’s important to choose the right case for your PC because components such as motherboards, CPU coolers, power supplies (PSUs) and drives come in a wide variety of sizes, and also have their own cooling requirements. The four factors to look out for are summarised below.


Motherboard Size

Whatever brand of case or motherboard you look at, all manufacturers design their components according to a common set of industry standards - all you need to do is ensure that the case and motherboard are both the same standard.


PSU Compatibility

Like motherboards, PSUs come in a variety of standard sizes - ATX, SFX or TFX. Some ultra high wattage PSUs (1200W+) are often longer than the norm, so checking the dimensions is key.



A well-designed case will channel air through your PC, keeping everything cool and quiet. While every case is designed to air-cool a PC, some cases have additional fan mounts and space inside making them more suitable for water-cooled PCs.


Drive Bays

Drive bays accommodate HDDs and SSDs in either 3.5in or 2.5in formats. However, if you still require an optical drive then ensure the case has an 5.25in external bay too.

Additional factors like connectivity - the ports you’d like your PC to have - and lighting are other considerations to look at when choosing a case. Always ensure to check what version USB ports are present (USB 2.0 / USB 3.0 / USB-C etc.) and consider tempered glass for any transparent sides on the PC case, as this is much more resilient than plastic.

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