A projector is a device that projects a visual output to a screen or white wall. Projectors for computers connect to the monitor output and project the same output as a monitor screen. Suitable for presentations or when a large screen output is required. The technology in projectors mean the visual output on some models can be compared to that of the latest flat panel screens. Advanced features include models designed specifically for gaming and 3D support, while the latest 4K projectors enable the cinema-at-home experience.

1080p Full HD Projectors

Whether you're looking for a display system for your conference room or building the ultimate home cinema you'll find a brilliant selection of projectors in this category.

Choose from a variety of projector technologies including LCD, DLP and laser projectors.

These particular projectors support up to FullHD sources.


Projector Accessories

Additional items and parts for use with projectors. These include projector screens, replacement lamps, mounting brackets and 3D glasses.