Motherboards - AMD

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The motherboard is the central hub of a PC, the board to which every other main component connects – CPUs in the socket, memory in the DIMM slots, and GPUs, sound cards and other expansion cards in the PCIe slots. Hard drives, SSDs, optical drives and front-panel ports also connect to it. Motherboards have a huge variety of features so research carefully first. You need to make sure your motherboard will fit in your case and that its socket matches your chosen CPU. Current desktop AMD motherboards have six main sockets: AM1, AM3+, FM2, FM2+, AM4 and TR4, depending on the processor used. The latest Ryzen chips use AM4 while the Threadripper performance monster requires a TR4-based motherboard.

AMD EPYC Socket SP3 Motherboards

These motherboards are intended for workstations and servers and support the latest AMD Epyc processors based on the Zen architecture. Choose from a variety of specs, all with support for this new generation of SP3 processors. 11/07/2018.


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