NVIDIA Datacentre Virtualisation Graphics Cards

NVIDIA is the market leader in graphics, with its innovative datacentre GPUs being the number one choice for servers. Scan works closely with NVIDIA to offer the complete range of datacentre GPUs which are only available to purchase integrated in custom-built servers from 3XS Systems.

These NVIDIA datacentre GPUs are designed to power multiple virtual machines in public and private cloud environments.

NVIDIA datacentre GPUs feature a host of extra features that their consumer counterparts lack such as certified drivers ensuring optimal stability backed by enterprise-class customer support. They are built using enterprise-class components, ensuring better reliability when used at full load for long periods of time. They feature ECC memory that protects data from corruption, so any errors are eradicated prior to them affecting the workload being processed, and larger onboard frame buffers than consumer GPUs, enabling larger and more complex projects.