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The CPU (Central Processing Unit) or processor, is arguably the most important component in a computer. It's responsible for processing instructions and controlling the other components. Many CPUs include basic on-board graphics too so you can power a display without needing a separate graphics card. AMD's new performance Ryzen processors offer a wide range of models suited to different tasks and budgets. Low-end, dual-core chips can be had for £25 or even less, but are only well-matched to basic tasks, while high-end Ryzen CPUs are multi-core, high-frequency monsters that can tear through the world's most intensive software. Before buying, ensure you've got a compatible motherboard and a cooler that can take the heat.

AMD A-Series Socket AM4 APU Processors

These affordable APUs combine either a dual or quad-core CPU with integrated graphics based on the AMD Radeon architecture. These entry-level processors provide a good starting point for a home or office PC, and require a Socket AM4 motherboard based on the AMD chipset.


AMD A-Series Socket AM1 APUs

AMD's APUs (Accelerated Processing Units) combine standard CPU cores with Radeon graphics cores on the same silicon. These low-end Athlon and Sempron models use the AM1 socket and retail for between £20 and £40, yet are capable of handling everyday tasks and high definition video playback without needing a graphics card. They're the perfect starting point for building a basic, budget PC.