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USB / Firewire / IO

Universal Serial Bus. An interface standard for connecting peripheral devices to computers. Hardware components for implementing a USB interface include connector ports on computers and cables for connecting peripheral devices to the computer. Firewire is Apple's name for their implementation of IEEE 1394, and is a way to connect different pieces of equipment so they can quickly and easily share information.

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These external hot pluggable cards are for PC's which feature the Express Card slot. Usually on laptops and available in two form factors, ExpressCard 34 & ExpressCard 54 which are sized 34 and 54mm respectively. Note that a 34mm slot will only accept a ExpressCard 34, with a 54mm slot able to accept both types.
Updated 05/01/12

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1 Port Lycom EK-202 e-SATA II 3GBps and 1 Port USB2 ExpressCard for Notebooks
  • Mid Range Rating

£6.24 ex VAT

£7.49 inc VAT


Lycom eSATAII - 3Gbps Dual Port ExpressCard for Notebooks
  • Mid Range Rating

£15.82 ex VAT

£18.98 inc VAT


Lycom DT-108 PCI-E Card to 3.5" Front Bay ExpressCard/54 Docking Station
  • High End Rating
  • Rated 0.0 out of 5 by 0 person Customer Review

£22.07 ex VAT

£26.48 inc VAT


Lycom EK-113 SATA III 6Gbps Dual Ports ExpressCard 2.0 Adapter For Notebooks
  • Entry Level Rating

£23.74 ex VAT

£28.49 inc VAT


Brainboxes XC-475 1 Port RS232 and 1 Printer Port LPT PCIe ExpressCard Serial Adapter absolute compatibility, guarante
  • Mid Range Rating

£69.99 ex VAT

£83.99 inc VAT


Sonnet Tempo SATA II Pro Express 34 - Professional 2-Port eSATA Host Controler
  • High End Rating

£125.41 ex VAT

£150.49 inc VAT

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