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Acer 27" Predator Z271T Curved 144Hz G-SYNC Monitor with Tobii Eye Tracking

27" Acer Predator Z271T 144Hz Curved NVIDIA G-SYNC,VA Monitor 1920x1080 4ms Tobii Eye-Tracking, w/Assassins Creed Origin

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End Of Life
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ACER Curved Gaming Monitor with Tobii Eye Tracking

Z271T 27" Curved Gaming display from Acer Predator range

Please note: This eye tracking monitor ships with a FREE Copy of Assassin's Creed for PC which is downloadable.

Get a panoramic view of galactic domination with a wraparound game space that pulls you deeper into new worlds, thanks to the curved screen. Experience a whole new smooth with the display technologies embedded into this game monitor from Acer. The curved 1920x1080 resolution will fill your peripheral vision with virtual worlds and other media and become truely immersed.

Predator Z1
Screen Size
VA (Curved)
Panel Type
Full HD

Tobii Eye-Tracking

push gaming immersion further, target with your eyes!

Look. Shoot. Kill. Your eyes and your intuition are your greatest weapon. Immerse yourself in the future of gaming.

Infinite Screen - Keep an eye on your surroundings without ever moving your mouse. With infinite screen, the camera follows you as you look towards the edge of the screen, rotating to give you complete situational awareness.

Natural Targeting - Let your eyes do the aiming with natural targeting, and make that split-second shot with just a single glance. * Specifications and feature's vary depending on model and/ or game title.

Predator Curved Display

Experience 1800R Curvature

Their sharply curved screens wrap your games around you to provide a more enveloping viewing experience.

FHD Resolution

View crisp clean media in full high-def

Full HD (1920x1080) resolution lets you enjoy crisper visuals with more details.

144Hz Refresh Rate

fluent graphics for a deeper immersion

Rapid 144Hz refresh rates speed up the frames per second to deliver ultra-smooth 2D motion.

4ms Response Time

Keep your PC gaming up to speed

Fast 4ms response times render fast-moving action or scene transitions smoothly without blurring or ghosting.

100% sRGB Colour

Breathing more life into your gaming worlds

These monitors deliver 100% sRGB coverage for perfectly recreated colours. Meanwhile you'll see everything clearly from any position with 178° wide viewing angle technology.

Acer VisualCare

Eye protection Technologies

Stay in the fight for hours with Acer VisualCare technologies, including Acer Flicker-less, BlueLightShield, ComfyView and Low-dimming technologies.

NVIDIA G-SYNC for Crisp Gaming

Never miss a step or important cut-scene again with G-Sync Power

NVIDIA G-SYNC gives you more of what you want in a gaming experience. Incredibly smooth, tear-free gameplay at refresh rates up to 240 Hz. Unique features like HDR, frequency-dependent overdrive, and ultra-low motion blur. And a powerful competitive advantage that has made G-SYNC displays go-to equipment for enthusiast gamers.


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Acer 27" Predator Z271T Curved 144Hz G-SYNC Monitor with Tobii Eye Tracking
Acer 27" Predator Z271T Curved 144Hz G-SYNC Monitor with Tobii Eye Tracking