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03 APR 2018
Guitar Tuning issues and the perfect fix

I think that guitar players and guitar techs would all agree that there is nothing more frustrating than a guitar that will not stay in tune, Your guitar going out of tune can be the thing of nightmares.

05 MAR 2018
The Plexitone Three channel pedal

Over the years I have met and provided advice to many guitar players. It is true to say that while many were accomplished players some of the tones that they were using were, to be totally honest……bloody awful!!

12 FEB 2018
Boost that mid ladies and gentlemen

Guitar players as a rule have lots of friends, that’s a fact. It comes with playing the coolest instrument on the planet. Another fact is that we guitar players all have one friend in common……….MID.

26 JAN 2018
Launch of the PRS mark tremonti amp

The rumors it appears are true! NAMM 2018 see’s the launch of Mark Tremonti’s first ever signature amp.

24 JAN 2018
Presonus expansions for the studio live range

Presonus this year seem focused on building upon their popular range of studio live desks, with a number of new I/O expansion options to help flesh out your setup.

23 JAN 2018
UA let the arrow fly

UA’s big announcement came a week before NAMM this year and is small, possibly one of their smallest yet perhaps, but all the better for it.