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3XS Cloud vGPU Solutions

3XS Virtualisation and Compute Solutions

Virtualised GPU (vGPU) solutions enable organisations to deliver high performance GPU-accelerated applications to their employees, but without requiring high performance workstations at each desk or in the field. Scan’s 3XS Cloud team provides visualisation and compute solutions powered by NVIDIA GPUs to deliver the ultimate user experience with the ability to support both high performance compute (HPC), artificial intelligence (AI) and professional graphics workloads in hypervisor-based virtualised environments.

Depending on the virtual service you are wanting to deliver and to how many concurrent users, this will dictate the type of 3XS server hardware you’ll require and the number and capability of GPUs within it. However, rest assured the 3XS Cloud team are on hand to advise on a wide range of vGPU solutions including DGX-as-a-Service (DGXaaS), Virtual Compute Server (vCS), RTX Virtual Workstation (vWS), Virtual PC (vPC), Virtual Rendering Service (vRS) and Omniverse. As an NVIDIA Preferred Virtualisation partner, the Scan IT and 3XS Cloud teams are able to advise on a wide range of virtual GPU topics including your choice of platform, licences and the hardware required to deliver the platform on - specifically tailored for your number of users.

3XS Cloud Workstation and PC Solutions


NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstation (vWS)

Designers and engineers working with increasingly complex models can work more efficiently, collaborate across geographies, and bring their creations to market more quickly with NVIDIA vWS. The technology, powered by 3XS hardware, enables remote and flexible working without losing the GPU power you require.


NVIDIA Virtual PC (vPC) and vApps

Workers who use graphics intensive applications and often multitask across dual monitors can leverage NVIDIA vPC to scale VDI deployments with a consistently appealing user experience. The flexible options allow virtual desktops to be deployed at any scale with the combined advantage of vApps too.

3XS Cloud AI and HPC Solutions


DGX-as-a Service (DGXaaS)

NVIDIA DGX server appliances are the gold standard when it comes to GPU-accelerated compute power - ideal for training models with deep learning and AI workloads. The DGX as a Service solution enables any organisation to take advantage of these supercomputers without the need to invest in on-premise or hosted hardware and its associated maintenance.


NVIDIA Virtual Compute Server (vCS)

NVIDIA vCS provides the ability to virtualise GPUs and accelerate compute-intensive server workloads including AI, Deep Learning, and High Performance Computing (HPC). The platform removes the need for on-premise hardware and includes support for more than 600 GPU-accelerated applications.


Virtual Rendering Service (vRS)

The Virtual Rendering Service (vRS) offered by 3XS Cloud, is powered by NVIDIA GPU accelerators in an EGX server configuration. It provides rapid remote rendering without having to invest in your own servers and infrastructure to support them. This flexible solution is available as a boost function, subscription or private service.

3XS Cloud News and Case Studies


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NGC and containers supported in vCS NVIDIA GPU Cloud is fully supported for vCS environments offering frameworks and containers for your AI workloads.

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