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Green Mountain Secure Datacentres

A sustainable environment for your AI platform

About Green Mountain

Green Mountain designs, builds, and operates highly secure, innovative and sustainable colocation datacentres in Norway. The Green Mountain facilities deliver Tier III certification alongside numerous ISO certifications. The company has delivered 100% uptime since the start of operations and has independent power supplies to each site supported by stand-by generators. Operational excellence is at the core at everything Green Mountain does, employing a framework approach to monitor, report and analyse customer’s infrastructure performance using thousands of sensors throughout its datacentres to ensure maximum consistent performance is delivered.

Why Green Mountain and Scan AI?

Green Mountain and Scan combine to offer clients a full range of hosted NVIDIA platform services - from GPU-accelerated systems to full DGX deployments. With a Green Mountain datacentre site, clients can benefit from power costs that are 50 – 70% lower than most European markets - all delivered using 100% renewable power supporting any sustainability targets your organisation may have. Advanced cable systems provide low-latency connectivity from Norway into the UK and the rest of Europe.

The first Green Mountain datacentre is located near Stavanger and is built deep inside a mountain using a former high security NATO ammunition store. It comprises six Tier 3 certified mountain halls with multiple power supplies driven by hydro-electric plants.

The second Green Mountain datacentre is in Telemark and features two Tier 3 buildings and two Tier 1 buildings for colocation. It is close to no less than six hydro-electric power plants, providing low-cost, 100% renewable energy to the site.

Green Mountain’s third datacentre is located at Enebakk, just outside Oslo, where a new colocation building will open in November 2022. This site specialises in designing bespoke plans for clients requiring extensive infrastructure growth.

Scan, as an NVIDIA Elite Solution provider, provides a full range of consulting services for HPC, AI and deep learning platforms and our team of AI specialists will manage the installation of your chosen equipment at Green Mountain, providing everything you need to develop and scale your AI and HPC Infrastructure.

Reasons to Choose Green Mountain Datacentres

100% Renewable Energy

Power Usage Effectiveness ratio below 1.2

100% uptime since opening

50-70% lower power costs

Tier 3 Certified Standard

World-class security

Proof of Concept

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