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Porsche Drives

A minimal design does not equal a minimal drive! The Porshce Design is born from LaCie’s partnership dating back to 2003, which has now culminated in a fantastic selection of drives for all USB 3 compatible PCs and laptops. Ranging from the small and portable Porsche Mobile Drive, which comes in USB-C or USB 3.0, to the various sizes of the Desktop Drive.

USB-C versions of the Desktop Drive can actually charge your USB-C based laptop as well, saving you a port!

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Mobile Drives

LaCie’s Mobile Drives are elegantly designed, with diamond cut edges and a finish to accompany modern laptops. Using USB C 3.1 Gen 2, slow transfers speeds are a thing of the past.

The Mobile Drive comes in a range of 1TB, 2TB, 4TB and 5TB, making it a fantastic option for backup or archival purposes. With LaCie’s One-click or automatic backup you can feel safe knowing your files are secure. The LaCie Toolkit even includes support for mirroring across multiple devices meaning you’ll never lose a file again.

Unmatched speed

For those who need lightning fast access to their files, whether it be RAW files or the latest VFX plates, there is the LaCie Mobile SSD. This solid state drive can provide up to 540MB/s making dropped frames a thing of the past

Free Adobe Creative Cloud

Creative Cloud comes free for a month with every Mobile and Porsche Design Drives. This gives you access to the full Adobe Suite, which you can find more about below.

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