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A creative's best friend

Seagate’s LaCie brand is well established amongst creatives across the world. From small scale photoshoots to cinematic masterpieces, LaCie drives have seen it all at some point.

You might recognise them as the little orange drives that append themselves to a desk, squirrelled away in someone’s kit bag and being passed about like a note at school.

LaCie’s products don’t stop at their Rugged drives, they also encompass desk based external storage such as their powerful and reliable Big series and showcase their strong industry partnerships with the likes of DJI, resulting in the CoPilot BOSS – built to meet the end users requirements for location and aerial shoots.

Big d2

Big & d2

Desktop storage for bigger tasks, with Thunderbolt 3

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SSD Storage


LaCie’s incredibly fast external SSDs

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Rugged Storage


Your data and projects have never been so protected

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DJI Drives

DJI Drives

LaCie and DJI team up for drives focused on drones

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Mobile and Porsche Design Storage

Mobile & Porsche

Beautifully designed, elegant to use

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What is Thunderbolt?

LaCie’s focus on bringing creators the fastest possible speeds has resulted in embracing USB C and Thunderbolt 3, both bringing massive increases to transfer speeds across all their major products.

Thunderbolt was developed by Intel and originally utilised a repurposed Display Port connection to bring faster speeds than USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 for Macs.

Since the introduction of USB-C, Thunderbolt made the switch to that form factor and now both Windows and Mac can achieve speeds of 40GB/s during transfer, utilise peripherals and "daisy chain" multiple devices together for increased storage and connection options.

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