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d2 Drives

The d2 and d2 Professional are perfect additions to any workstation setup. Their expandable storage, low desk real estate and fast speeds provides smaller content creators with reliable, speedy and large storage.

The d2 comes with Thunderbolt 3, providing 40Gb/s of speed, daisy chaining capabilities and other benefits from that connection.

Professional gives you a USB 3.1 connection and more flexibility with an included USB C to A cable.

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big Drives

LaCie’s big range are designed for the heavy loads. These multiple bay drives are equipped with Thunderbolt 3 for extreme backing up and working off, reducing load times when working with video or photos.

Each drive comes with IronWolf Pro, designed for running large chunks of time, so when you’re transferring hundreds of gigs of data, the drives won’t fail out and lose your data along the way.

This is also backed up via the ability to turn the big drives into RAIDs, either 0 for speed or 1 for back up purposes.

2big Dock

The modern editing workstation is a multitool of multitools and your storage shouldn't be any exception.

The LaCie 2big Dock has huge storage to take advantage of, but it's a got two Thunderbolt 3 connectors, one USB 3.0 connector on the front, a USB Type C connector on the back and two slots to hold CF and SD cards.

There’s also a Display Port and Thunderbolt 3 can be used to use extra monitors.

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LaCie 2big

• Two bay drives
• CFast and SD card slot
• Thunderbolt 3
• Display Port
• USB Port for charging

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LaCie 6big

• 6 bay drives
• Thunderbolt 3
•USB 3.1
•RAID 5/6

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LaCie 12big

•12 bay drives
•Thunderbolt 3
•USB 3.1
•RAID 5/6

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2big RAID

Reducing the feature set on the Dock and taking the form factor, the 2big RAID is a reliable solution from LaCie and backed with Seagate’s specialised RAID drives for protecting your data. The small real estate it takes up on the desk makes it ideal for individual users to always have a RAID drive on hand.

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