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Why buy a guitar from Scan

It doesn’t matter what the value of the guitar, if you buy it from us we take extra steps to ensure you are completely satisfied with your instrument. Each guitar goes through a 22 step professional guitar set up process to make sure your new instrument sounds as the manufacturer intended it to play.

This means that your guitar may take an extra day to deliver, just so we can get these checks done. You’ll receive email updates once your guitar is ready for despatch.


We hope you feel it’s worth the extra time and patience we spend on your instrument.

Guitar range

Acoustic Guitars

The 6 string Acoustic was first developed in 1779 and since then has been used by Singer/Songwriters, and fingerstyle players. It comes in many styles from Classical through to Dreadnought shaped.

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Electric Guitars

Solid body Electric guitars are made from a solid block of wood, and require Pick-ups to make a noise. As such they are very resonant instruments and there are very many styles to choose from.

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Bass Guitars

Typically tuned in EADG, they look similar in appearance to an electric guitar but have a longer scale length and the strings are much thicker in order to produce lower tones.

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Our 22 step guitar setup process

Blue Tick Check & adjust the truss rod Blue Tick Check & adjust the nut height Blue Tick Check the nut slots
Blue Tick Check & adjust the saddle height Blue Tick Check the frets for any issues Blue Tick Check for buzz on open strings
Blue Tick We play a few extreme bends Blue Tick We play a few scales and chords Blue Tick We stretch the strings and re-tune the guitar
Blue Tick Check the intonation Blue Tick Test on-board electronics if available Blue Tick Test on-board tuner if available
Blue Tick Check the pots and switches Blue Tick Check the pickup height Blue Tick Check any push/pull pots
Blue Tick Check the jack plug connection Blue Tick Check the strap button Blue Tick Check the machine head operations
Blue Tick Check the tremolo arm if available Blue Tick We polish the body Blue Tick We polish the neck and headstock
Blue Tick Ensure all included accessories are present    

Huge range of guitars available at Scan

Here at Scan Pro Audio we carry a wide range of different guitar brands, all with free UK delivery. Each guitar is set up before it leaves us, to ensure it reaches you in the best condition it can be.

It doesn’t matter what your budget, we’ll have a guitar for you, and whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a total beginner, we’ll have an instrument to suit your needs. We stock a huge range of instruments including electric guitars, acoustic guitars and bass guitars so you are sure to find the best guitar for your needs.

Electric brands include leading names like Blade, Godin, PRS and we have beautiful acoustic guitars from leading makers such as Levinson, Takamine and Cort.

We have amplifiers to suit every pocket and sound requirement from famous names like Blackstar, Hughes & Kettner and Vox, and our range of pedals includes some very unique boutique offerings as well as the usual suspects. Not to mention the every day guitar accesories such as guitar tuners, guitar stands, wall mounts, guitar straps, guitar leads, guitar bags and more.

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However you make music, our experts have got you covered.

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