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Start your dream to stream with Scan Pro Gaming

Live streaming content comes in many forms, whether you dominate the competition in esports or kick back with your audience in just chatting, make sure you stay ahead of the game with the streaming set-up of your dreams. Stream like a pro with Scan Pro Gaming’s range of streaming systems and accessories.

nvidia broadcast software

NVIDIA Broadcast

The NVIDIA Broadcast app enhances your livestreams and voice chats using artificial intelligence. It has features that utilize AI to get rid of unwanted background noise easily with just a button press, including room echo removal. You can also customize your background without needing expensive gear or complex lighting with background removal, replacement and blur. Don't have goodl ighting? No worries. Improve the quality of your webcam by taking out the visual noise present in low light conditions for a cleaner image.

**Minimum requirement of RTX 2060


If high octane performance and none-stop action is what you dream of, then Esports ready streaming with Scan Computers is what you need. Dive headfirst into the battlefield with everything you need to stream competitive esports games.

Recommended Esports Peripherals

Enhancing gameplay performance and relaxation, gives esports athletes the gear required to play at peak ability. Optimising every peripheral to ensure smooth movements, clear communication and precise inputs. Partner up with Scan Pro Gaming tomake the road to first place; effortless, every time.

Audio and Video Interface


Gaming Headsets


Get closer to your audience and start a ‘Just Chatting’ stream. Start the conversation and boost engagement in your chat with a podcast style set up, aimed at getting silky smooth audio that people won’t want to click away from.

Recommended Podcast Peripherals

Creating a professional podcasting environment to enhance the overall quality of your content lies within your essential peripherals. A quality microphone with a pop filter for clear audio recording, comfortable headphones for monitoring, and a shock mount to reduce noise. A mixer is useful for multi-guest setups, providing control over audio levels.

Mic Stands

Podcast Mics

Podcast Recorders / Mixers

Let's Play

Start streaming your favourite games today and share the moment stutter-free with your audience using these streamer ready set-ups on Scan Pro Gaming. Beat the lag and beat the game in style, whatever game you play.

Recommended Let's Play Peripherals

Enhance the production value and audience engagement of Let's Play content with key peripherals. A high-quality microphone for commentary, a comfortable headset for game audio and a webcam to add a personal touch allowing viewers to see your reactions.



Interface Controllers


Scan Pro Gaming Creators

Learn more about our SCAN Pro Gaming creator profiles. Check out their profiles, live streams, and find out what kit they use.


Streaming Buyers Guide

Explore our comprehensive buyers guide. It provides detailed insights to help you choose the perfect streaming setup.


Recommended 3XS Gaming PC’s

3XS high-end gaming PCs specifically engineered to give you an edge over competitors in all the latest games. Each gaming PC has the perfect blend of best-in-class components and technology thanks to our team of experts.



Dive into high class gaming with a Scan 3XS gaming system hand-crafted by enthusiasts and powered by NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 4070 graphics card.


4070 Ti Super


Experience fully immersive gaming with custom-built PCs; powered by NVIDIA 4070 Ti Super built by Scan 3XS Systems.


4080 Super


Get ultimate performance with Scan 3XS gaming systems, supercharged with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 SUPER graphics cards to deliver lifelike ray tracing visuals and DLSS3.


Custom Built 3XS Gaming PCs

We have a custom-building PC service where we will build a gaming PC to your specific requirements. Click the link below to visit the 3XS configurator to get started or read our buyers guide for additional help or visit the Custom Shop to design a totally bespoke PC.

Configure your own Gaming PC

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Gaming PC buyers guide

gaming pc buyers guide

Bespoke PCs from the Custom Shop

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