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What do i need to start game streaming?

Game streaming, or “Twitch streaming” as most people know it as, is creating on demand, live content for an online audience via a streaming platform. The majority of streamers tend to stream their favourite games like the latest battle royale or a timeless RPG, but the real cherry on the cake is being connected to millions of people across the word via the click of a button.

Nowadays streaming has become more than a hobby for most, it’s become a way of life and a career. Everyone wants to find out how to start streaming on Twitch or Mixer, and how to become the next Ninja or Dr Disrespect pulling in thousands of pounds a month. So we put together this hub of streaming information to give you the boost you need to get there.

To get started on Twitch you only need a few things: a setup consisting of a PC and accessories, a stable internet connection and your choice of streaming platform. You can really personalise your streaming setup depending on your budget, we have some streaming bundles ready for you to choose from below.

The foundation of a great game streamer

Every top streamer needs to have a great game streaming PC. A powerful gaming PC is key to ensuring your gameplay experience runs smoothly while streaming your favourite games. If your streaming PC is not up to scratch you may experience stuttering, buffering, lag, skipped frames etc when streaming games like Fortnite or Apex Legends on Twitch or Mixer.

From webcams and lighting to green screens and more

There is a massive range of streaming accessories and peripherals you can choose to enhance and elevate your stream to the next level. Key components of a streamers toolkit are the webcam, microphone, headset and video capture. After that you can really get some great kit to make your stream much more professional such as green screens, lighting, stream decks and more.

XSplit, Streamlabs OBS, Shadowplay to name a few

There is many different streaming software available online, including alot of free ones. Streaming software is required to give you basic live stream and recording features. This includes single-destination RTMP streaming, multiple video sources and layouts, chroma key (i.e. green screen), live switching, and custom transitions. However, each software has its own advantages, disadvantages, and ideal use cases which are important to consider before making your selection.

Get started with our most popular game streaming bundles

These PCs are pre-built and pre-configured so are ready for next-day delivery - perfect for when you need a new streaming system in a hurry. If you don't see the exact specification you want and would like us to custom build a PC for you please visit our 3XS CONFIGURATOR.

Streaming peripheral bundles


Streaming product categories

Kit out your streaming set up with the latest and most crucial streaming accessories.

3XS Streaming PCs

3XS Streaming PCs

We have a huge range of Streaming PCs ready to ship, or you can configure your own bespoke system to suit your needs and budget.

Video Capture

Video Capture

Bring in console gaming or multiple camera angles to your stream by using a video capture card. Browse our range of internal and external capture solutions.

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Capture your reaction in pure HD quality with our range of cameras. Choose between USB webcams, GoPros and cameras.

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Deliver crisp audio to your audience with our range of microphones. Choose between USB microphones for a plug and play solution or our XLR microphones.

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Elgato has introduced some game-changing products into the streaming world that lets you take your stream to the next level.

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Headsets are a very important part of a streaming setup and can severely increase your gameplay as well as allow you to improve your stream entertainment value.

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Streamlabs OBS is an easy to set up streaming software built for streamers of all levels. View our step-by-step guide to get set-up.

Streamlabs OBS Guide
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Streaming buyers guide

Read our full buyers guide, it will help you choose the right set up for you

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