Earn up to £40 Cashback

When you buy selected Eye-Care B.I. monitors

BenQ Eye-Care with B.I. Sensor

The B.I. Sensor (Brightness Intelligence Technology) detects ambient light and content intensity then actively adjusts screen brightness to maintain clear visibility and protects your eyes.


Eligible Products

Purchase any of the selected monitors to qualify:

Business Monitors

£20 CASHBACK: BL2283 / BL2381T / BL2581T / BL2423PT / BL2480 / BL2480T / BL2780 / BL2780T

mp600 ssd
Gaming & Entertainment Monitors

£20 CASHBACK: EL2870U / EW2775ZH / EW277HDR
£30 CASHBACK: EW327OU / EX3203R

mp600 ssd
Home & Office Monitors

£20 CASHBACK: GL2460BH / GW2283 / GW2480 / GW2480T / GW2780

mp600 ssd
DesignVue Designer Monitors


mp600 ssd

Follow 3 simple steps to claim your cashback

Valid from 17th June - 30th September 2019

Step 1:


From 17th June, 2019 until 30th September, 2019, purchase selected BenQ B.I. monitors from a participating dealer.

Step 2:
Submit your claim


Claim online from July 1st by clicking the button below. A proof of purchase is required.

Step 3:


After we validate your application, you will receive your cashback via a bank transfer within the next 30 days.

BenQ UK Monitor Cashback - Terms & Conditions

This promotion BenQ UK Monitor Cashback (promotion) will be executed by BenQ UK Ltd, 3 Staplehurst Office Centre, Weston-on-the-Green, Bicester OX25 3QU, United Kingdom (BenQ). The customers accept the following terms and conditions (T&C) by their participation.

£20 Cashback


£30 Cashback