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Large Format printers are used to print banners, posters and signage, and generally use a roll of print material rather than individual sheets.

3D Printers

Unleash your creativity with a 3D printer, which can be used to produce high quality items such as models, ornaments, jewelry or low-cost prototypes of your next project before it enters mass production.

Choose from a wide selection of printers each optimised for printing objects of different sizes with a wide variety of printing materials.

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3D Printing Filament

3D printers heat up spools of filament to lay down layers to produce the final object. Choose from a wide range of filaments each with their finish and colour.


Inkjet Large Format Printers

These Inkjet printers, print in sizes up to 42" wide by 575" long rolls of vinyl, paper and other materials. Ideal for large scales banner manufacturing.