Pro speakers are designed to provide a flat frequency response to ensure the audio signal is reproduced as accurately as possible. Depending on the listening environment studio monitors are optimized depending on the listening distance. Nearfield, typical of small studios/home studios and mid/far for bigger spaces where the stereo field will be much wider.

Speakers can be either powered or passive. Powered monitors (active monitors) have the power amp built into the cabinet whereas a passive monitor requires a separate amp to drive them. They come in several form factors, the most common being two-way configurations where a tweeter provides the high frequencies, and a low-mid-range speaker (woofer) which provides the mid-low frequencies, all of which are housed in a cabinet. Generally speaking, a bigger woofer will provide a better bass response.


Monitor Speaker Bundle Offers

There are some products that fit perfectly alongside Monitor Speakers, and we've taken some of those and turned them in to 'Bundles'. These bundles are designed to be cheaper than if you bought the items seperately...