Guitar Pedals & Effects

You’d think it would be enough that a guitarist found his perfect guitar and amp rig, but no, they still want to mess with their tone! And what better way than with a wide variety of effects from companies like BOSS, XVIVE, VALETON, CKK, FRIEDMAN, ONE CONTROL, VOODOO LABS, CARL MARTIN, PROVIDENCE, WAY HUGE, WAMPLER and many more…

Acoustic Guitar Effects Pedals

Effects more common to the world of acoustic guitar playing. Although there are no hard and fast rules, distortion is not a common effect with acoustic guitar. The parametric E.Q. is a fantastic addition to your acoustic set up allowing you endless sculpting of your tone or removing feedback at a gig. Reverb and modulation lend themselves well to acoustic guitar and the more modern mult ieffect units allow you to model different classic acoustic guitars from the rich in low end and full sounding dreadnought to the even tone of a smaller body and everything in between.


DI Boxes

DI boxes convert both line and instrument inputs into balanced outputs that can be used in any mixer or or device with balanced inputs.


Distortion / Fuzz / Overdrive Pedals

From mild soft clipping overdrives, to germanium based fuzz circuits, to all out hard clipping high gain, these pedals give you the drive to suit your taste.


Miscellaneous Effects Pedals

A place for those pedals that don't quite fit in to any particular catagory.


Reverb & Delay Effects Pedals

Reverb pedals modify the signal in such a way that you can replicate playing in different sonic spaces. Delay pedals allow you to repeat your sound at pre-determined intervals after you've played it. Both effects whether used independently or together can add warmth and depth to your tone. Reverb and delay pedals are collectively known as time-based effects and are typically positioned at the end of your signal chain.