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Cutting edge mice to make you a better gamer


Using a mouse designed specifically for gaming makes for more rapid and accurate movement, due to the superior tracking and additional buttons they feature. There is also much more choice in other ergonomic aspects such as grip, shape and weight.



The shape of a mouse supports your wrist and hand, so choosing the best fit for you will ensure hours of comfortable gaming. Differing grips will provide more or less contact for the fingers and palm and ultimately affect how you move the mouse and press its buttons.



Some gaming mice feature configurable and removable weights, allowing you to achieve the perfect balance and mass of the mouse to your personal preference.



DPI, dots per inch, is the measure of how sensitive a mouse is, where a higher number means that the mouse will smoothly respond to small and precise movements. Most games and mice benefit from a DPI setting of between 400 and 1600 when gaming.

Button choice is the other main factor to consider in a gaming mouse. Most gaming mice will have at least five buttons, which you can bind to specific tasks via the bundled software, however if you’re a fan of MMOs it may be worth looking for even more buttons so you can bound key skills to your mouse.

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