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A good capacity of fast memory or RAM will make all the difference to your gaming PC. Exactly how much you need will depend on what type of games you play and what else you use your PC for. The speed and number of DIMMs you’ll require will be dictated to by the CPU and motherboard in your PC, so it’s best to check all compatibilities before purchase.

Entry Level

8GB of memory would be the absolute minimum recommended in any gaming PC. It will limit the type of games you can play without noticing performance issues, but 8GB will support games such as CounterStrike: Global Offensive, Dota 2 and Minecraft without any problems.

Mid Range

16GB of memory is what we’d recommend for most gaming PCs these days, as it makes more advanced games run so much smoother than on 8GB, but doesn’t cost the earth.

High End

For streaming games we’d recommended at least 32GB of memory to ensure smooth gameplay and streaming.

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DDR4 Single/Dual Channel 3000MHz+ RAM Memory Kits

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DDR4 SDRAM is the fastest and most efficient consumer memory available. It's compatible with Intel's Broadwell-E which run in quad-channel and Kaby Lake & Skylake CPUs which run in dual-channel modes. It is also compatible with AMD's latest RYZEN CPUs running in a dual-channel configuration. The modules found here are designed for Intel Kaby Lake & Skylake, so they're sold in matching kits of two modules for best performance or single modules for a cheap upgrade. These are the high-end kits, with a speed of at least 3,000Hz.