Gaming Headsets

The ultimate immersive experience for gaming audio


A gaming headset is a great alternative to speakers for that truly immersive audio experience, as all other surrounding distractions can be removed. Headsets also have built in microphones, so you can coordinate over Discord with teammates in cooperative games or taunt your enemies in competitive games. A headset may also be a solution for the rest of your household offering a break from explosions, gunshots or engine noise! There are a huge number of headsets on the market with many styles and options but choosing the right one that suits you is key.

Your search should start with comfort and fit - it’s likely you’ll be wearing it for extended periods so how it feels on your head is critical. Consider the overall weight, headband adjustability, ear pad material and fit, as the wrong choice may led to discomfort, sweating and neck pain. The ear pads should fit snuggly on your head allowing a good degree of isolation, so you can hear subtle or directional sound cues.

Following comfort the next most important headset factor is sound quality. You have a choice of stereo or surround sound options - the latter includes a greater number of drivers in the headphones to deliver the audio in such a way to create a surround sound effect like multiple speakers would. This is often preferable in gaming as depth and distance perception will be increased during gameplay as directional sound can be provided. We mentioned that a well-fitted earcup will provide an immersive experience and cut out background noise, but this is enhanced even more by choosing a closed headset.

Closed Headset

Open Headset

With a closed headset the earcups cover the entire ear, preventing outside noise getting in - ideal for focusing on the game and nothing else. However, if you’re in an environment where you do need to keep an ear on outside elements then an open headset will allow some noise in, so you aren’t completely isolated. Generally speaking, closed headsets are higher cost than open headsets, but are typically more comfortable to wear for extended gaming sessions.

Alongside the speakers in your headset, you’ll also need a good microphone so you can be heard clearly too. Again, multiple styles exist but most are a variation of a flexible boom that can either be detached, or swivelled upwards when not in use. Look for noise cancelling capabilities as this will cut out any background noise around you.

The last main concern is connectivity - either wired by 3.5mm jack or USB or wireless technology. This is predominantly preference as most wired cords are long enough to not pose a problem. If you choose wireless always check battery life and range as these may be factors that affect your gaming.

Still not sure which product is right for you?

Wired Gaming Headsets

Headsets are hugely important if you play multiplayer games, as they allow you to communicate with your team-mates as well as hear what's going on. The headsets in this category cover every budget, and some have attractive high-end features, including noise cancellation, in-line remotes and even vibration support.