Game Controllers & Simulators

The ultimate immersive racing and flying experience


Game controllers offer an alternative to the traditional keyboard and mouse set-up. They provide an additional level of input and realism - for instance using a steering wheel in a racing game is so much more intuitive. Similarly using realistic cockpit controls in flight sims makes for a far more immersive experience. There are a huge number of controllers and cockpit simulators to choose from offering greater degrees of authenticity to the real world if you have the money to spare.


Racing Controllers

Racing controllers covers elements including steering wheels, gear sticks, hand brakes and pedals, to create as realistic an experience as possible. Multiple monitors or use of a VR headset also add to the visual aspects of a racing game offering an even more immersive experience.


Flight Sim Controllers

Controllers designed for flight simulators start with basic joysticks and HOTAS set-ups through to separate yokes, pedals, eye trackers and full instrument panels. By pairing a VR headset with realistic flight controllers, the experience takes on a whole new level of immersion.


Cockpit Chairs

Cockpit set-ups are designed to move you away from a traditional desk-based environment and recreate a driving or flying seating position. The cockpit seats feature mounting bars and brackets from everything from screens to steering wheels or yokes, gear stick and pedals to throttles and console panels.

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