Switches / Firewalls

Products in this category enable you to expand and manage a home or office network - wired or wireless - with ease. Scan offers a wide range of both unmanaged and managed switches for the home and office environments, respectively.

Switches - 24 - 48 Port

These 24 to 48 port switches are the ideal choice for large office, schools, server applications and large corporate organisations. Geared towards high end networks which include devices such as NAS drives, security cameras, work stations and printers into one network.


Next Generation Firewall

A Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) is defined by its ability to address the more complex and ever-changing threats in the cyber security world. Using a combination of signatures on the hardware with the latest threat intelligence from cloud engine databases, a NGFW can stop unknown threats and prevent them from spreading to the network even if they have never been identified before. Upon deep packet inspection, if a profile cannot be matched against known threat or regular traffic types it will be 'sand-boxed' in the cloud until such a time it can be identified and classified. This type of enhanced firewall features help address 'zero-day' attacks and sophisticated ransomware and are highly recommended in protecting a network.