A specifically configured computer system which serves computers connected to a network.

Intel Xeon Skylake SP Socket 3647 Motherboards

These motherboards are intended for workstations and servers and support the latest Intel Xeon scalable performance processors based on the Skylake SP architecture. Choose from a variety of specs, all with support for this new generation of LGA3647 processors. 11/07/2017.


Rackmount Server Cases

Rackmount PC Cases are designed for server enterprise solutions. They fit into server PC rack mounts. These PC cases are available in specific server sizes namely 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U etc. Advanced features on these cases include handles and specific drive bay slots.


NVMe Cables

These cables are for connecting NVMe SSDs with an Oculink socket to the motherboard, HBA or RAID controller in a workstation or server.

Oculink cables provide direct connection to the PCI-E bus, delivering far lower latency and much great bandwidth than the SATA bus.