Servers are dedicated, powerful computers used as the backbone for connecting lots of computers to a network. As the name suggests, they serve information to numerous connected client PCs. Servers need to be robust and reliable, so Scan partners with leading hardware providers such as Intel and NVIDIA to provide solutions at every budget.

Deep Learning Server Hardware

Deep learning uses the power of neural networks to teach computers how to detect patterns and concepts in data, such as translating languages, image recognition and trend analysis.

Deep Learning servers are powered by multiple NVIDIA Tesla GPU Accelerators working together in parallel to speed up this highly computationally-intensive process, using multi-layered deep neural networks to simulate the functions of the brain to solve tasks that have previously eluded data scientists.

Choose from a wide range of servers optimised for deep learning, available to purchase or rental via the cloud with free proof of concept trials also available. Visit our Deep Learning site to learn more.

Tekspek An in-depth guide into tech: NVIDIA DGX-1 Supercomputer NVIDIA DGX-2 Supercomputer

Deep Learning Server Software, Licensing & Support

Scan is an Elite Solution Provider for NVIDIA DGX Systems and has a dedicated AI team including data scientists to support our deep learning systems.

Make the most your deep learning hardware with this selection of software, licensing and supoprt upgrade options.


Small to Medium Business Servers

Accelerate your business with a fast and reliable Scan 3XS server. Available in a variety of form factors, all backed up by an on-site warranty for added peace of mind.

These servers are optimised for small to medium size businesses, providing stable performance and reliability at an affordable price.

If you can't see the specification you're looking for please visit our Server Configurator and we will custom build a server for you.


Xeon Skylake SP - Socket 3647 Barebone Servers

These servers support the latest Intel Xeon scalable performance processors based on the Skylake SP architecture. Choose from a variety of specs, all with support for this new generation of LGA3647 processors. 11/07/2017.