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Servers are dedicated, powerful computers used as the backbone for connecting lots of computers to a network. As the name suggests, they serve information to numerous connected client PCs. Servers need to be robust and reliable, so Scan partners with leading hardware providers such as Intel and NVIDIA to provide solutions at every budget.

Xeon Skylake SP - Socket 3647 Barebone Servers

These servers support the latest Intel Xeon scalable performance processors based on the Skylake SP architecture. Choose from a variety of specs, all with support for this new generation of LGA3647 processors. 11/07/2017.


Intel / AMD - Other

Servers are computers designed and setup specifically for always on use which serve other computers on a computer network. Many of them are for rack use which there are specific sizes namely 1U, 2U and 4U. A small selection are stand alone tower. Always check the specifications of the individual server to confirm what hardware is included.


Server Accessories

Various additional items designed for use with specific servers.

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