Printers / Scanners

Basic printers offer the ability to obtain a hard copy on paper of anything displayed on your screen, and can be categorised into two areas - impact (dot-matrix) and non-impact (inkjet, laser). 3D printers have become more popular recently, and they enable you to print complex 3D shapes from plans. For example, you can now 3D print models, prototypes and parts, and with the cost coming down, hobby 3D printing is becoming a bigger industry.

Business and Document Scanning

These devices allow users to take images such as photographs and input them into their system for manipulation, printing, or sending via email.

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Print Servers

A print server is a dedicated device that allows one of more printers to connect to a LAN (local area network). The connection for the network is usually via an RJ45 port or secure WiFi. The connection for the printers is usually either parallel or a USB connector or even both. Check the specification of individual product to confirm the connectivity on both the network and printer side.