PCI/PCI-E Add in Cards

Firewire & USB I/O Cards & Hubs

These cards are designed to give todays system more connectivity options. Ideal for using with external storage solutions, or todays digital cameras, these cards open up the world of high-speed interconnects to systems that did not originally have them or for simply adding more ports to a system.

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Wireless Adaptors - PCI / PCI-E / M.2

These wireless network cards fit inside a computer (PC / notebook / Laptop) and connect using either the PCI, PCIe, M.2, Mini-PCIe interface. These Wireless Adaptors allow the computer to connect to a wireless network without having to run a network cable to the system. Advanced features such as high bandwidth and encryption ensure both a fast and secure connection to a WiFi network. Always check your motherboards interface for PCI or PCIe to ensure you select the correct wireless network card adaptor for your requirements.

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