Motherboards - Intel

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The motherboard is the central hub of a PC, the board to which every other main component connects – CPUs in the socket, memory in the DIMM slots, and GPUs, sound cards and other expansion cards in the PCI slots. Hard disks, SSDs, optical drives and front-panel ports also connect to it. Intel motherboards have numerous socket types, chipsets and form factors, so make sure you've got the right configuration before buying. Intel's latest product range includes the mainstream LGA1200 and high-end LGA2066 sockets used by the Z500 Series and X299 chipsets, respectively. Feel free to contact Scan for buying advice prior to purchase.

Intel Z490 Socket 1200 ATX & Larger Motherboards

The Intel Z590 chipset is the flagship chipset for Intel 10th Core processors codename Comet Lake with limited support for 11th generation Rocket Lake processors. It supports 24 PCIe lanes, 14 USB ports and is required for overclocking. These particular boards are full size ATX designs with maximum expandability.


Intel H310 Socket 1151 MicroATX Motherboards

The Intel H310 chipset is the entry-level model for Intel 8th generation Core processors, codename Coffee Lake. Being the most affordable & basic of all the Intel 300 Series chipsets, these motherboards only support a single Graphics card, and do not support RAID, Intel Optane Memory, 10Gbps USB 3.1 Gen2, or overclocking. The extra PCIe lanes provided by the chipset are limited to PCI2 Gen2, however H310 still supports the now ubiquitous 5Gbps USB 3.1 Gen1 (formerly known as USB 3.0) & enables users to build a system around the new Intel Coffee Lake CPUs on a shoe-string budget, retaining the core functionality required for home or office PCs. These particular boards are smaller micro-ATX designs with middling expandability.

Please Note: Despite utilising the same LGA1151 socket as 200 & 100 Series Motherboards, ONLY Intel 8th Gen. 'Coffee Lake' CPUs are compatible with these Intel H310 Motherboards.