Not all mice are created equal so it’s important to choose the right mouse for what you’ll be using your PC for. Some mice are optimised for gaming, with low-latency ultra-sensitive sensors, plus additional keys for complex macros such as when playing an MMO or MOBA type game. We also offer professional mice, optimised for special applications such as CA, all of which are available in wired or wireless versions.

Wired PC Mice

The mouse is essential in todays operation of a computer. Used to control the on screen cursor which allows you to control your system and software. Mice feature buttons which allow you to select what is required. Other features on certain mice include a scroll wheel and forward/back buttons. These mice are wired and use either a USB or PS2 port on your PC, check specifications to confirm.

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Gaming Mouse Mats & Accessories

Whether owning the latest game, or working on that next big pitch, mouse mats are essential for smooth movements of your onscreen cursor, but also prolonging the life of your mouse! Whether it be cloth mats for more friction and control, or hard mats for speed and agility, we have them all!