Home Broadband

In this category you’ll find all the products you need to build a wired or wireless network to connect your PCs to the internet, such as modems and routers, plus switches and cables for larger networks. Choose a wireless network for convenience or a wired network for higher speed, reliability and security. Premium routers offer more speed, coverage, and features than the simple devices often provided by the broadband company.

Wireless AX (WiFi 6) Products

Take advantage of the latest Wireless AX, also known as WiFi 6, standard to build an ultra-fast network. This category includes WiFi NICs for installing inside a PC plus compatible broadband routers.


Home Mesh WiFi Broadband Routers & Accessories

Mesh routers provide superior WiFi coverage than standard routers. They work by including multiple units, which you can place around your home or office. Each unit communicates with one another using a private radio channel, improving bandwidth and reliability.


Access Points, Bridges

These pieces of hardware work with both wired and wireless networks and devices in specific ways. A Wireless Access Point is a 'wired to wireless' solution. It extends a wired network by converting it into a wireless connection.A Wireless Bridge allows devices such as gaming consoles, digital video cameras etc that come with a RJ45 network port to connect to a wireless network. As the unit effectively bridges together a wireless network to these connected wired network devices. Check individual specifications of the product for the exact features and capabilities to make sure it meets your requirements.

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