Hard Drives - External

External hard drives are ideal for backup or portable file storage, and these drives come in a large range of categories: some use desktop-sized 3.5in hard disks, other use smaller 2.5in drives, and faster products use SSDs. Most drives use USB 3, Thunderbolt or eSATA connections, and these drives can also come in different types of case – some are designed to be tiny, and others are ruggedised to stand up to dust, water and even fire.

External HDD 2.5" - 250GB - 4TB

These external drives use mobile 2.5in hard disks, which mean they're a lot more portable than desktop drives. They've got capacities that range from 250GB to 4TB, most use super-fast USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt connections, and many include backup applications and cloud storage deals for added security.

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External HDD WiFi - USB 3.0

These high-end external hard disks have Wi-Fi connections, so they can be used to transfer and access files without a wired connection is being used at all - perfect if you're on the road or elsewhere in the house. They've got added versatility thanks to rapid USB 3.0 wired connections, and some come without hard disks if you'd like to save money by using existing drives.