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Easy to fly and able to capture stunning video for professional applications or leisure pursuits, drones come in all shapes and sizes. Scan stocks leading manufacturers such as DJI, Powervision and Intel. What's more, Scan also retails a full range of accessories.

Mini Consumer Drones

Aerial 'First person view' filmmaking and photography systems are used by enthusiasts and professionals in an ever-expanding range of applications. Get that once-impossible shot with our range of ready to fly mini drones.

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Propellors & Guards

Often forgotten and often needed. Whether its gimbal dampeners for an M300 RTK or Mavic 2 Pro Propellors we stock or have access to a wide variety of spares and accessories for our entire UAS/Drone Range.



The sun can be the bane of any Drone Pilots life. This range of lense filters supplement your UAS to allow for more operations in varying weather conditions.


Drone Battery Chargers

Having the right battery and power management solution for your operation is key. Comparing your flight time and charging capabilities will allow you to work out how many batteries you need. For the average operator a fly more combo with 3 batteries may be sufficient. For a commercial operator with a full day flying ahead 5, 8, 10 or even more batteries may be appropriate.


Soft Cases

A well packed bag can reduce your set up time by half, not only that but it can make your UAS/Drone portable and help ensure everything is in its place making you less likely to forget essential items. Some cases are great for travelling and some allow a particular fold of your UAS/Drone chose whatever works best for your use case.