Drones Buyers Guide

Drones have made a big impact on the world since their popularisation and the professional video market has been quick to adopt them for a variety of uses. From capturing beautiful sprawling landscapes to surveying sites and site mapping or building inspection, the use of drones can make almost anything possible.

Vlogging, wedding and corporate videography

For fast lightweight productions like Vlogging and corporate or wedding videography, smaller drones are the simplest solution. Many come with features that make single person shooting very simple, like pre-programmed movements and patterns, making something like a shot that circles the subject within a scene as simple as pressing a button.

Another common feature of drones for this line of work include the facility to control them directly from your smartphone. This allows you not only control of the drone but also a live video feed of exactly what your drone sees.

Some smaller drones, like the DJI Mavic Mini are also exempt from some regulations that other drone users would adhere to. This means that you can freely fly your drone without lots of government paperwork!

Vlogging, wedding and corporate videography

For larger productions drones are more commonly equipped with either a large resolution camera that supports interchangeable lenses or a gimbal that allows you to mount your own camera. A good example is the DJI Inspire 2, which features a 5.2K Super 35 sensor with a standard M4/3 lens mount

These drones also tend to have a longer range and support more functionality. With built in tracking your drone can be set to follow your subject through a scene, making filming any fast moving action a breeze.

Rather than streaming compressed low resolution previews professional drones also feature wireless transmission systems that can allow up to HD resolutions to be transmitted to multiple devices. The receivers also feature professional connections for SDI equipment.

Enterprise – Agriculture, construction, emergency services, infrastructure and government

Professional drones with cameras are not solely for creating YouTube videos or filming cinematic car chases. The applications for high quality video from drones are far reaching. Drones have been used in a vast array of scenarios stretching from capturing images for digital models for surveyors, to helping law enforcement assess situations and plan accordingly.

Enterprise drones are often highly specialised to the tasks they are required to perform with options that allow you to add speakers or spotlights. DJI’s FlightHub software even allows you to monitor multiple drones simultaneously for live operations and recording and log flight data. Some drone manufacturers also produce thermal cameras that can be fitted to there drones giving firefighters a full 360° view of a burning building or analysing water or electrical damage on building sites becomes a quick on the spot job rather than having to process images after the fact.


Drones are no different to professional cameras when it comes to building a rig that suits your needs. The cameras on drones still require recording media, the cameras fitted to them can still have filters placed in front of their lenses and without spare batteries you can only hope you get the shot you need in the first take!

An interesting new development within drone circles is the use of augmented reality glasses or virtual reality headsets to view the output of the drones’ camera. These give the pilot or the director the view they need to capture what’s important

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