CPU - Intel Desktop

The CPU is the brain of the PC and these Intel processors are ready to be installed in the motherboard inside a desktop PC. There are many grades of Intel desktop CPU from entry-level models to high-end models, including some that can be overclocked for additional performance. Make sure you select a compatible motherboard for your chosen CPU.

Intel Core i7 Socket 1151 Coffee Lake Processors

These Intel 8th generation Core i7 Coffee Lake 6-core processors have more cache memory than the Core i5s and also support HyperThreading, allowing them to work on up to 12 threads simultaneously. A Core i7 is the ideal choice for a high-end PC and is much faster than a Core i5 when it comes to rendering videos and multi-threaded calculations thanks to having six physical cores plus six HyperThreading cores.

Please Note: Despite using the same LGA1151 socket as 7th & 6th Gen. CPUs, ONLY Intel Z370 Motherboards are compatible with these 8th Gen. 'Coffee Lake' CPUs.

Tekspek An in-depth guide into tech: Intel 8th Gen Coffee Lake Processors

3XS Professionally Overclocked Intel Z370 Bundles

Save yourself the hassle of picking and assembling all the components you need to upgrade your PC. Scan 3XS Overclocked Bundles are pre-built, tested and configured so all you need to do is screw the motherboard and cooler into your case. Our engineers have even overclocked the CPU too, ensuring maximum performance. Choose from a selection of bundles using the finest components.

These overclocked bundles are based on Intel's latest Z370 platform. Intel's Z370 platform supports Intel 8th gen Coffee Lake processors and features PCI-E 3.0, PCI-E M.2 SSDs and ultra-fast DDR4 memory.

If you don't see the exact specification you want and would like us to custom build an overclocked bundle for you please click HERE.