3XS Pro Video Workstations for Video Editing

Based on our award winning custom 3XS Evolve NLE systems, our ready-made Pro Video workstations are configured for demanding HD and 4K workflow. Configured with the latest Intel CPU, powerful GPU and the fastest solid-state drives, Pro Video F-Series workstations are tested with a wide range of video editing software & hardware.

These PCs are pre-built and pre-configured so are ready for next-day delivery - perfect for when you need a new workstation in a hurry.

If you don't see the exact specification you'd and would like us to custom build a PC for you please click HERE.



Award-Winning Scan 3XS Workstations are trusted and used by creative professionals the world over. These professional-grade workstations are built in our state-of-the-art factory in the UK and are soak tested for a minimum of 24 hours before shipping to ensure maximum reliability.

RTX Studio PCs are based on the latest Ampere-architecture NVIDIA GeForce RTX and Quadro RTX GPUs, providing you with maximum performance and stability when crafting your latest masterpiece in your favourite creative applications. Studio PCs bridge the gap between gaming PCs and traditional corporate workstations, combining best-in-class performance in creative applications and games with stunning aesthetics for the home worker.

If you can't see the exact specification you'd like and would like us to custom build a graphics workstation for you please visit our Workstation Configurator.


3XS Cloud Workstations

Scan 3XS Cloud Workstations are GPU-accelerated systems hosted in Scan's UK datacentre available around the clock on flexible contracts. They are based on the same high-quality components as our award-winning physical Pro Graphics, Pro Video and AI workstations and servers.

Scan 3XS Cloud Workstations are available in flexible increments of one week, one month, three months, six months and one year.

If this isn't exactly what you are looking for please get in touch with the 3XS Cloud Workstation team or visit our Scan Cloud website.