Software and Control Surfaces

High performance editing and colouring solutions


Depending on the editing or colour grading software packages that you are using - Adobe or Black Magic to mention a couple - their advanced functions may be better controlled by using dedicated editing keyboards designed specifically for that package, or by employing a control surface. There are a number of control surface options for you to choose from.



A dedicated editing keyboard gives immediate increased productivity, as every editing and grading application has hundreds of shortcuts that can make your life easier making focusing on your project the priority. It functions like a standard keyboard but has colour coded shortcut command icons and text descriptions printed onto each key as an additional ‘at a glance’ memory aid.



Graphics tablets are used in conjunction with a keyboard. Much like a mouse, a graphics tablet and pen are tools for moving the cursor around the screen, but instead of point and click we have subtle pressure sensitive gesture and touch control. With a graphics tablet your drawing actions are directly mapped to the digital input allowing you to paint and draw but with the added benefit of immediate editing.



The trackballs found on a control surface are the most dynamic and precise of the colourists’ tools. Creative grading is a subjective process requiring continuous visual feedback to create and develop the look. Having the trackballs alongside secondary functions, available via soft buttons and knobs, at your fingertips means you can keep your eyes on the reference monitor while manipulating the pixels with precision.

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Professional Graphics Tablets

An input device that enables you to enter drawings and sketches into a computer. A graphics tablet consists of an electronic tablet and a cursor or pen.