Colour Management

When images are your reputation, you can’t afford to be a colour chancer. Colour Management is an essential part of digital darkroom workflow. Whether you’re an enthusiast or seasoned pro, Scan can supply the tools and the expertise that allow you to extract the best quality from your photographs, graphic design and video, maintaining your vision from sensor to screen and beyond. Take control of your digital colour. Contact Scan Pro Video for advice about colour managed workflow solutions.

LUT Control

During camera prep, on your cart, through color timing or on camera, the LUT Box and BMD MiniConverter 6G allow DITs and colourists to give everyone the right look. Apply custom looks, colour and gamma changes in realtime for on set monitoring.


Professional Colour Critical Displays

For any type of professional post production work, a monitor that accurately displays color to industry standards is an indispensable tool.
Now feauturing 10-bit colour displays and HDR compliant monitors to begin working in the current video editing climate to its truest potential.