High performance storage solutions for professional video


Storage device requirements for professional video projects vary greatly, depending on the quantity and resolution of video to be recorded or archived. Furthermore, modern professional cinema cameras capture video with very little compression applied. Less compression at very high resolutions (4K / 8K) means extremely large amounts of data to manage throughout the workflow.


Internal Storage

Solid state drives (SSDs) are the only choice for storage within a Pro Video workstation, as traditional spinning disk drives are too slow when accessing high resolution video footage. RAID configurations can be applied across multiple SSDs to protect the data.


External Storage

Using storage devices outside of a workstation provides greater flexibility and scalability. There are multiple interfaces for connecting external devices and multiple drives can be employed to deliver scalability and RAID protection.


Shared Storage

A Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices will allow far more drives to be used together creating almost unlimited capacity, whilst also allowing sharing across multiple users and maintaining RAID protection.


Archive Storage

Accessed even less than backed-up content, archived footage may be best stored on magnetic tapes. HDDs will eventually fail whereas a tapes can last decades, and although tapes are not designed to be a fast solution, the tapes themselves have high capacities.

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