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JETSON NVIDIA Tegra K1 SoC Embedded Development Board Kit

NVIDIA JETSON TK1 Embedded Development Kit, On-board Kepler GPU, 192 Cores, Quad Core ARM CPU, 2GB RAM, 16GB eMMC, HDMI

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Product Overview The NVIDIA Jetson TK1 development kit unlocks the power of the GPU for embedded applications. Built around the revolutionary Tegra K1 SOC, it uses the same Kepler computing core designed into supercomputers around the world. It is a fully functional CUDA platform that will allow you to quickly develop and deploy compute-intensive systems for computer vision, robotics, and medicine.

NVIDIA provides the BSP and software stack, including CUDA, OpenGL 4.4, and the NVIDIA VisionWorks toolkit. With a complete suite of development and profiling tools, out-of-the-box support for cameras and other peripherals, you have everything you need to realize the future of embedded.

Tegra K1 Processor
NVIDIA’s latest and most advanced mobile processor, the Tegra® K1, creates a major discontinuity in the state of mobile graphics by bringing the powerful NVIDIA Kepler™ GPU architecture to mobile and delivering tremendous visual computing capabilities and breakthrough power efficiency. The NVIDIA Tegra K1 mobile processor is designed from the ground up to create a major discontinuity in the capabilities of mobile processors, and delivers the industry’s fastest and most power efficient implementation of mobile CPUs, PC-class graphics, and advanced GPU-accelerated computing capabilities.

Kepler GPU in Tegra K1
The Kepler GPU in Tegra K1 is built on the same high performance, energy efficient Kepler GPU architecture that is found in our high-end GeForce, Quadro, and Tesla GPUs for graphics and computing.

As a result, Tegra K1 is the only mobile processor that supports CUDA 6 for computing and full desktop OpenGL 4.4 for graphics. Kepler delivers the most advanced graphics for mobile graphics applications, and is the first modern mobile GPU capable of supporting all the GPU compute APIs.

Tegra K1 with the Kepler GPU architecture is a parallel processor capable of over 300 GFLOPS of 32-bit floating point computations. Tegra K1 is also very power efficient and delivers almost fifty percent higher performance per watt compared to competing mobile processors. More importantly, Tegra K1’s support of CUDA and desktop graphics APIs means that much of your existing compute and graphics software will port quite easily to Jetson TK1.

The Kepler GPU delivers the graphics features, rich APIs, and compute architecture of its desktop counterpart, and has additional power optimizations for mobile usage. The Kepler GPU in Tegra K1 is a significant milestone in the history of computing and computer graphics and will drive a revolutionary change in mobile visual computing. More details on Tegra K1 and its Kepler GPU are provided in the Tegra K1 whitepaper.

The Jetson TK1 development Kit is a 5” wide by 5” long PCB with a Tegra K1 processor, 2 GB of RAM, 16GB of on-board storage and numerous peripherals and IO ports (see Appendix). To enable development of computer vision and other camera based embedded applications, Jetson K1 is capable of supporting multiple cameras through a variety of interfaces. The USB 3.0 and Gigabit Ethernet ports can be used to hook up cameras that communicate via these interfaces. In addition, the PCIe x1 port on the PCB can be used to connect an additional camera via an Ethernet to PCIe adapter.

The CSI 1x4 and 1x1 buses available through the expansion port can be used to feed camera images directly into the Image Signal Processor (ISP) on Tegra K1 (bypassing memory), for direct image processing.

Software Platform
The Jetson TK1 Development Kit runs Linux for Tegra (L4T), a modified Ubuntu 14.04 Linux distribution provided by NVIDIA. The software provided by NVIDIA includes the Board Support Package (BSP) and the software stack that includes CUDA 6 Toolkit, OpenGL 4.4 drivers and the NVIDIA VisionWorks Toolkit.

Please note: Supplied with US Mains Plug. Features • 4-PLUS-1 Cortex A15 “r3” CPU architecture that delivers higher performance and is more power efficient than the previous generation.
• Kepler GPU architecture that utilizes 192 CUDA cores to deliver advanced graphics capabilities, GPU computing with NVIDIA CUDA 6 support, breakthrough power efficiency and performance for the next generation of gaming and GPU-accelerated computing applications.
• Dual ISP Core that delivers 1.2 Giga Pixels per second of raw processing power supporting camera sensors up to 100 Megapixels.
• Advanced Display Engine that is capable of simultaneously driving both the 4K local display and a 4K external monitors via HDMI
• Built on the TSMC 28 nm HPM process to deliver excellent performance and power efficiency

Technical Specifications
• NVIDIA Kepler GPU with 192 CUDA cores
• NVIDIA 4-Plus-1 quad-core ARM Cortex-A15 CPU
• 2 GB (4x 256Mx16) DDR3L memory with 64-bit width and 16 GB 4.51 eMMC memory

Tegra K1 SoC:
• NVIDIA Kepler GPU with 192 CUDA cores
• NVIDIA 4-Plus-1 quad-core ARM Cortex-A15 CPU
• 2 GB x 16 memory with 64-bit width
• 16 GB 4.51 eMMC memory
• Half mini-PCIE slot 1
• Full size SD/MMC connector
• 1 USB 2.0 port, micro AB 1
• 1 Full-size HDMI port
• RS232 serial port
• 1 ALC5639 Realtek Audio codec with Mic in and Line out
• 1 RTL8111GS Realtek GigE LAN
• 1 SATA data port
• SPI 4MByte boot flash

The following signals are available through an expansion port:
• Touch SPI 1x4 + 1x1 CSI-2
• i2c

Board dimensions:
• 127mm x 127mm x 26mm

Developer Kit Package Contents:
• Jetson TK1 DEV Board
• AC Power supply
• Power cord - 2 [MCG] 3 prong (US/Canada)
• Rubber feet (4)
• Quick Start guide
• USB Micro-B to USB A

Operating System Description – L4T
Linux for Tegra (L4T) provides flashing utilities, bootloader, Linux kernel, Tegra hardware acceleration libraries for graphics, multimedia and compute, and a reference filesystem for evaluating Linux on the Tegra platform.

Key Components:
• Bootloader, BCT and flashing utilities
• Linux Kernel Binary and Source Code
• Reference File System
• GStreamer (gst-openmax) Multimedia Hardware Acceleration Libraries
• X11, EGL, OpenGL-ES, GLX, OpenGL Hardware Acceleration Libraries
• Multimedia and Graphics Demo Applications

CUDA Developer Information:
• CUDA Version: 6.0
• CUDA Cores:
• Computational Capability: sm_32
• Number of cores: 192
• CUDA libraries: cudart, cufft, cublas, curand, cusparse, npp, opencv4tegra for registered developers
• Visionworks: available on request
• CUDA tools: for local development, all the command line tools (compiler, cuda-gdb, cuda-memcheck, command-line profiler for remote development, all the command-line tools and the visual tools too (NSight Eclipse Edition, Visual Profiler)
• CUDA documentation: local, HTML and PDF online, once CUDA 6.0 becomes public (April 2014)
• CUDA Installer: Debian packages for registered developers available publicly once CUDA 6.0 becomes public (April 2014)

Please note: Supplied with US Mains Plug.

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JETSON NVIDIA Tegra K1 SoC Embedded Development Board Kit
JETSON NVIDIA Tegra K1 SoC Embedded Development Board Kit