3d artist review


3D Artist Gives the 3XS Classic 3D 5 out of 5 stars

3D Artist Gives the 3XS Classic 3D 5 out of 5 stars - "It all adds up to a well-rounded system, performing well across the board and backed up by Scan's typically great service

hexus reccommended


Hexus recommended award for 3XS Gamer Aura

The 3XS Gamer Aura is a competent, streamlined-looking piece of kit The 3XS Gamer Aura has the horsepower to deliver solid framerates with high-quality settings The 3XS Gamer Aura scores well in every relevant benchmark

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cpc premium


3XS Z270 Vengeance SLI award

3XS Z270 Vengeance SLI - "Armed with an Intel Core i7 7700K overclocked up to 5GHz plus a pair of Asus GTX 1080 STRIX graphics cards, Custom PC gave the system a score of 92% and a Premium Grade Award.

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Hexus approved


3XS Z270 Vengeance SLI wins APPROVED award from HEXUS

Build quality is tidy throughout, the Corsair Crystal Series chassis is a visual treat, storage and memory are both blazing fast, and the guarantee of a 5GHz CPU overclock offers plenty of bragging rights. Add a pair of overclocked GeForce GTX 1080s to the mix and you have masses of power on tap.

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Expert reviews Recommended


5 Star Recommended award for the 3XS LG15 Carbon G-Sync

ExpertReviews just published a review of our 3XS LG15 Carbon G-Sync gaming laptop, giving it 5 out of 5 and a Recommended Award."Gaming performance on its 8GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 graphics chip is near-perfect. Proper 4K gaming is on the cards too, making full use of its optional 3,840 x 2,160 display."

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custom pc premium grade


Custom PC reviews the 3XS LG17 Carbon Extreme G-Sync laptop

Scoring 90% and winning a Premium Grade award, The GTX 1080 delivers desktop-level performance. G-Sync also makes games look great, removing any stuttering and tearing.

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pc pro awards 2016


Winners in the PC PRO awards 2016

SCAN 3XS SYSTEMS Win Workstation of the year in the 2016 PC PRO Awards with the Scan 3XS Classic 3D

custom pc extreme


87% and an Extreme Ultra award from Custom PC

These phenomenal results clearly indicate that this machine can handle any game at 4K with every option maximised, while also offering enough power for multi-monitor rigs and VR headsets. Monstrous dual-GPU power and excellence in every key department make for an exceptional gaming PC.

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hexus wish list


Hexus wishlist award for the 3XS Carbon Fluid Extreme SLI

Scan's powerhouse raises the bar with a score of 16,828 and it didn't flinch in the Time Spy Stress Test with a pass rate of 97.6 per cent. Bragging rights aplenty. The Scan 3XS X99 Carbon Fluid Extreme SLI is without a doubt the fastest PC we've ever tested

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PC Gamer


SCAN 3XS Z170 Vengeance Receives 90% Score

PC Gamer has reviewed the Z170 Vengeance and awarded it a 90% score - Scan sent us one of their lovely 3XS Vengeance PCs, featuring NVIDIA's mighty GTX 1080. Coupled with an Intel Core i7 6700K at 4.6GHz, 16GB of Corsair DDR4, a 256GB Samsung 950 Pro and a 2TB HDD, this is almost the perfect gaming PC.

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custom pc


3XS Z170 Nanu Vengeance Fluid Premium Grade Award

Despite its size, the 3XS Z170 Nanu Vengeance Fluid has the power to handle 4K gaming and, thanks to Nvidia's Pascal architecture and a water-cooling loop, the GPU is perfectly cool. The build is great too, with a tidy interior and great looks. The rest of the spec is solid, from the overclocked CPU to the motherboard and storage.

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computer shopper


Computer Shopper gives the 3XS Z170 Vengeance 4 out of 5 stars.

The Z170 Vengeance 1080 is a quality PC where it counts; slick performance at high resolutions. The Z170 Vengeance 1080 is at its best when running intensive games and applications.

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pc pro


PC Pro gives the 3XS Z170 Vengeance 1080 a score of 4 out 5.

The bottom line is that Scan has produced an awesomely powerful gaming PC with excellent levels of support. if you already own a 4K display then with Z170 Vengeance 1080 is the first machine we've seen that will truly take advantage

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CPC Premium Grade


CPC Premium grade award for the 3XS X99 Carbon Fluid GL SLI

The entire machine looks stunning - the white tubes look fantastic, and the matt black fittings contrast well. There's no doubt about it - the Scan's two overclocked GPUs deliver this month's best gaming performance

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Hexus Recommended


SCAN 3XS Vengeance Q Recommended Award

Scan demonstrates its expertise by striking an optimum balance between speed, efficiency and minimal noise. Scan's 3XS Z170 Vengeance Q is a fine choice and a prime candidate for VR gaming.

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CPC Premium


3XS Z170 Vengeance 1080 GL award

3XS Z170 Vengeance 1080 GL wins Custom PC Premium Grade award "Blistering speed from Nvidia’s new GPU, and a PC that’s good-looking, well built and carefully balanced"

CPC Approved


3XS Z170 Vengeance Ti Approved award

"Ample power for VR and 4K" "Scan set out to build a VR-ready PC, and it's nailed the brief: this system has enough power for both VR and 4K gaming, plus it's well balanced, quiet, stylish and offers reasonable upgrade room, along with Scan's typically tidy building"

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CPC Premium Grade


3XS LG15 Vengeance G-Sync Award

Custom PC magazine have awarded ther LG15 G-Sync a Premium Grade award saying : "G-Sync really helps it to shine This size enables you to get a big 15.6in screen, plenty of power and even some upgrade potential. However, it's G-Sync that's the killer feature... which is fantastic, eliminating tearing and stuttering artefacts from games."

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Custom PC Premium Grade


CPC Premium Grade award for the 3XS Vengeance Q

Despite it's low-noise design, the Vengeance Q produced great frame rates in all our test games, When it's idle, the Scan might as well be a passively cooled PC - CPC

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CPC Premium Grade


Custom PC Premium Grade award 3XS X99 Extreme SLI

Incredible gaming speed and a slick no-nonsense build make this a tempting alternative to flashier Dream PCs, The numbers involved are staggering - CPC

Develop 3D


SCAN 3XS GW-MT20 Develop 3D Review

This is another impressive, well-built workstation from Scan, which is ideal for CAD users who do occasional rendering, simulation or CAM.

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CPC Premium Grade


SCAN 3XS Z170 Vengeance wins Custom PC Premium Grade Award

Custom PC have awarded the 3XS Z170 Vengeance with a Premium Grade award and a score of 92% "With fast performance in all the key areas, great build quality, low noise levels and decent warranty coverage, the Scan 3XS Z170 Vengeance is a great gaming PC for this price league."

Expert Reviews Best Buy


SCAN 3XS Performance GTK6 Awarded Best Buy

Expert Reviews has awarded the SCAN 3XS Performance GTK6 5 out of 5 stars and given it a Best Buy award. "One of the best PCs you can get for the money."

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SCAN 3XS Barrcuda Dream PC Winner

Custom PC has awarded the 3XS Barracuda - Dream PC winner for 2015 "its extensive customisation and paint job look fantastic, it has a solid hardware configuration and it offers decent value for money too"

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Hexus Recomended


HEXUS awards the SCAN 3XS Z170 Vengeance, HEXUS Recommended

The SCAN 3XS Z170 Vengeance gaming PC wins a Recommended award from HEXUS "Overclocked to 4.6GHz and accompanied by ultra-fast DDR4 memory as well as an insanely quick PCIe SSD, the 3XS Z170" "Vengeance is an immediate showcase of what Skylake can do"

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Dignitas Video review the SCAN 3XS Carbon Ti

The review by NVC at Team Dignitas, is live on youtube - NVC concluded that the Carbon Ti is a "Monster of a system" and "Convinced me that the next time I upgrade I’ll buy a system from Scan 3XS"

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Custom PC Premium Grade


SCAN 3XS X99 Carbon Ti wins Custom PC Premium Grade award

Rapid speed from every component and a slick design, make the 3XS X99 Carbon a superb gaming machine. The Scan Carbon Ti is near silent at idle and only produced a low consistent rumble when running tough games. Scan's choice of components is clever and powerful.

Hexus Recommended


SCAN 3XS Nanu Carbon wins Hexus Recommended Award

Scan's 3XS Nanu Carbon is a good example of what a modern high-end PC can be. Taking advantage of some of the very best that technology has to offer, it combines a hexa-core Intel Core i7-5820K processor, powerful GeForce GTX 980 Ti graphics and an insanely fast Samsung PCIe SSD to deliver exceptional all-round performance and real 4K gaming potential.

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Expert Reviews Best Buy


3XS LG157 Wins Expert Review Best Buy Award

Expert Reviews has just reviewed the 3XS LG157 mid-range gaming laptop and awarded it 5 out of 5 stars. "thinner, lighter and better made than its predecessors while maintaining a classy, understated design for gamers and power users who don't want to show off. It excelled in our benchmarks. One of the biggest benefits of the new chassis is an improved display, which switches out the TN panel found in previous 3XS laptops with a superior IPS panel."

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PC PRO Recommended


The SCAN 3XS GW-HT15 Workstation wins PC PRO Recommended award

The SCAN 3XS GW-HT15 Workstation wins PC PRO Recommended award, PC PRO gave the workstation 4 stars out of 5 commenting that "its 3D-modelling abillities are unquestionable and photo-and video-editing performance is strong too." "Its a great value choice"

Computer Shopper Recommended Award


SCAN 3XS Graphite LG156 review by Computer Shopper

Computer Shopper awards the 3XS Graphite LG156 with its Recommeded award and gives it a a score of 5/5 " SCAN's 3XS Graphite LG156 remains one of our favourite desktop-replacement laptops"

CPC Premium Grade


SCAN 3XS Performance GTX Custom PC AWARD

The 3XS Perfmormance GTX wins a Premium Grade award from Custom PC - The system received a 90% score and CPC said it had 'superb build quality, great hardware and loads of gaming power'

Develop 3D


SCAN 3XS GW-HT10 in Develop 3D Magazine

Scan should be given a lot of credit for bringing overclocking into the mainstream. What used to be a specialist treatment for custom workstations is now done as a matter of course by the Bolton-based manufacturer. And it does it very well. Overall, the Scan 3XS GW-HT10 is an excellent choice if you are looking for a powerful mainstream CAD workstation.

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Hexus Recommended


Hexus Recommended award for the 3XS Performance Q10

The system can barely be noticed when idle - you'll need to go right up close to hear the gentle hum of the fans - and it doesn't get loud when gaming, either. We recorded a remarkably-low noise reading of 33.8dB while playing games. We'd normally expect that level of noise from a gaming PC that's idle, but to be able to keep noise levels that low while gaming is a real plus point.

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3D Artist


3D Artist gives the 3XS HTX-35 9/10

"An ultra-high-end workstation with dual Intel Xeon processors and a powerful Nvidia Quadro K6000 graphics card...The overall workmanship of the GW-HTX35 is excellent - whip off the case panels and you'll see all the connecting cables neatly tucked out of the way on the rear of the case, with nothing obscuring access to the motherboard"

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Gold Award


3XS X99 Carbon system wins a PC Format Gold award.

"Beauty isn't just skin deep when it comes to this gorgeous Haswell-E system, Scan has created an incredibly versatile, powerful machine with the X99 Carbon".

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CPC Premium


The 3XS Cyclone Extreme White Edition wins Custom PC Premium Grade Award

"If you're looking for a high-end PC that's good for 4K gaming and multi-threaded workloads, the Scan will be perfect. Scan has gone the extra mile with its theme. The graphics card waterblocks are painted white, and it's even replaced the usual yellow-edged PSU stickers with white alternatives." "Scan have embraced the white and black theme, with careful design and neat touches"

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PC PRO Recommended


3XS GW-HT20 Workstation recieves a PC PRO Recommended Award

"For some, power is an aphrodisiac. For others, it's an everyday necessity, and that's a need Scan's latest workstation, the 3XS GW-HT20, is built to serve. Rallying a suite of high-end componentry around the latest eight-core Extreme Edition CPU from Intel, the 3XS GW-HT20 stakes a claim as the most powerful graphics workstation we've ever seen"

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Expert Reviews Best Buy


3XS Z97 Performance GTX wins Expert Reviews Best Buy award

"The Scan 3XS Z97 Performance GTX showed scintillating application performance and decent gaming punch. The system is well put together and the inclusion of a sound card was a nice touch."

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Hexus Performance Award


SCAN 3XS X99 Micro Wins Performance Award

is 'the fastest Micro-ATX PC we've seen' and 'most importantly, a system that tears through CPU benchmarks'

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Custom PC Approved Award


SCAN 3XS Performance GT wins Custom PC Approved Award

" The Scan machine is quieter and its processor stayed ahead of the competition even without aditional overclocking"

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PCPRO Recommended


PC PRO Give the 3XS Evolve NLE HD PLus a Recommended Award

"Scan serves up a whisper-quiet PC powerhouse, purpose-built to slice through 4K video production"

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Hexus Performance Award


3XS Z97 Vengeance 780 wins Hexus Performance award

"the 3XS Z97 Vengeance 780 guarantees top-notch performance for many years to come"

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3XS LG156


PC Advisor gives Recommended Award to 3XS gaming laptop

It's good value and provides the sort of gaming performance that would have cost £1200 or more in the recent past.

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3XS LG156


Scan 3XS gaming laptop reviewed and loved by Expert Reviews

Superb gaming performance for a sub-£1,000 laptop

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Scan GW-HTX30 Review


3D Artist reviews the Scan GW-HTX30 Workstation

"The combination of high clock speed and plenty of cores makes for a great all-round choice. 3ds Max rendering times and CPU benchmarks were brilliant with the GW-HTX30, its multi-core Geekbench score smashed records and its real-time 3D performance in Cinebench was impressive" - 3D Artist

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Develop 3D


Develop 3D reviews the Scan MGW-10 workstation Laptop

"The Scan 3XS MGW-10 offers solid performance, good expandability and great value for money" - Develop 3D

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HEXUS.net recommends 3XS Z87 Hadron Hydro PC


HEXUS.net recommends 3XS Z87 Hadron Hydro PC

In many ways, the Scan 3XS Z87 Hadron Hydro is the epitome of a high-end, modern-day gaming PC, you have a superlative all-round performance in a well-built package that's way smaller than most gaming rigs. - HEXUS.net

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3XS Z87 Vengeance SLI Ultimate Award


Expert Reviews awards 3XS Z87 Vengeance SLI Ultimate Award

"It wipes the floor with the most graphically challenging modern games and is powerful enough to keep you at the cutting edge of gaming for years to come" - Expert Reviews

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3XS NUC N16 Review


Expert Reviews awards 3XS NUC N16 Best Buy Award

"With its powerful hardware and large hard disk, this is a great-value mini PC that gets everything right" - Expert Reviews

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